The 21-Year-Old ‘Sexiest Thief Of The World’ Who Broke Into 42 Houses And Was Accused Of 114 Crimes

She had asked the police officer to lend his mobile so that she could delete some of her racy pictures from Facebook.

21-year-old Stephanie Beaudoin was arrested in 2014 for 42 breaking into 42 houses and stealing items worth $58,000. She was also charged with possession of three illegal weapons and working with three underage accomplices aged 11, 13 and 17 who helped her in the burglary. She was tagged the world’s hottest thief after her pictures went viral on the social media. After her crimes were proved, she was awarded 90 days in prison that she had to serve only on weekends. But very few know that after she completed her jail term, she landed a modeling gig.


Before her arrest Stephanie had a very limited modeling career and would only pose for a few calendars. But after her pictures went viral and she made international headlines, she got in demand.

She even appeared on the cover of a local men’s magazine. She was also recruited by a modeling agency.

However, the judge ruled that she can continue to be a model only if her image is not used to promote criminal behaviour.

This meant she has to drop the ‘sexiest criminal’ tag to continue modeling. Stephanie seems to be okay with the restrictions that the court imposed on her.

Stephanie had broken into more than 40 houses in a span of just two months and had stolen goods worth around $58000. She was caught after the police spotted her while Lancer at the crime scenes on several occasions.


Stephanie said that her boyfriend had a hunch that something was up even before she was arrested. He once went out in her car and he felt that he was being followed, probably by the police.

When he came back home he told her “I don’t know what it is that you are doing, but stop it right now because you are being followed.”

When the police appeared on her door they found cash worth around $5000 in her car. Before her arrest she had asked the police officer to lend his mobile phone so that she could delete some of her racy pictures from Facebook because she feared they would be used against her once the news go viral.

The officer, however, refused saying “It can’t be that bad.” Soon her pictures were all over the internet and she had become the ‘sexy thief’ meme.

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