This Adult Film Star Was Found Dead & Half Naked After ‘Urine Infection’ Took Her Life, Just 3 Months After Her BF’s Suicide

Her body was found half naked from waist down 12 hours after her death.

Just a week after the ‘suspicious’ death of 20-year-old porn star Olivia Nova tragic details about her death has emerged. According to leaked police reports the adult film star was found lying half naked from her waist down in her Las Vegas apartment. The reports also mention that Nova suffered from urinary tract information that turned into a deadly sepsis and ultimately became the cause of her death. It is also believed that she lay dead in her apartment for 12 hours before her dead body was discovered.

The police said that Nova was not only suffering from a urinary infection but she also had bruises on her leg when she was found.

Medicines for kidney infections and urinary tract infections were found scattered around the room.

Her boyfriend had committed suicide just three weeks before her own dead body was discovered in her apartment.

According to her friends doctors had warned her that she had limited time.

One of her close friends said that she was desperately trying to change her lifestyle after the doctors’ warning.

Earlier it was assumed that drinks and drugs must have been the cause of her death.

The death of Olivia Nova made her the fourth adult film star to die in the last three months.

Prior to her, porn stars Yuri Luv (31), August Ames (23) and Shyla Stylzez passed away. While Yuri Luv and Shyla Stylzez died of drug overdose and depression respectively.

August Ames killed herself after she was trolled on the social media for saying no to shoot a sex scene.

Another porn star Olivia Lua (23) died this month in a rehab center due to drug overdose just a few days after the death of Olivia Nova.

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