Arab-Israeli news anchor calls Arab leaders ‘traitors’ while condemning Syria gas attack

A news anchor took a swing at Arab leaders post Syria’s sarin gas attack. She raised a powerful question, “Where are you traitors?”

The highly poisonous gas sarin which claimed lives of more than 80 people including children in Syria is banned under the United Nations Chemical Convention of 1997.

The chemical weapon is nearly 80 times as deadly as cyanide. President Bashar al-Assad’s army had allegedly used sarin gas in Idlib province of Syria earlier this week.

In the wake of the Assad-regime’s use of sarin gas in Syria, an Arab-Israeli news anchor Lucy Aharish made headlines after she lashed out at Arab leaders.

She asked, “Where are you traitors?”

The news anchor started the show by lampooning the catalysts of the war. Using her microphone, which is ‘the only weapon she has,’ she talked about how this is not “fake news” but “old news”.

In her show, she said, “I didn’t wanna here men and women screaming some God who forgot they exist.”

She even raised a series of questions, the most important being the one targeted at the Arab leadership. “Have you forgotten your people?” she asked.

She even took a jibe at several leaders who had gathered for an summit meeting chaired by the Arab League.

“They sat with their suits and ties, they spoke about peace. About negotiation, prosperity, about the fight against the terror. Throughout the summit they probably had a decent lunch, drank bourbon, or maybe scotch.”

“Some of them probably grabbed the phone and spoke with their children to make sure they were ok,” said Lucy throwing light upon the collective apathy of Arab leadership.

Lucy also spoke about Omran Daqneesh, the boy who was found confounded and wounded in the aftermath of an attack. She mentioned Alian Kurdi, the baby whose body was found on the beach.

Talking about deaths in Syria, and mocking the inadequacy of the leadership, she said, “More than 5,00,000 people, you own people that were killed by missiles, buried under the rubble, massacred with gas.”

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