Baby found dead on I’m A Celeb Beach after dad ‘throws her in sea as sacrifice’

A TWISTED father faces being charged with the murder of his own child after allegedly dumping his nine-month-old baby in the sea. His daughter’s naked body washed ashore on a Queensland beach, where I’m A Celebrity contestants were photographed before entering the jungle.

The nine-month-old’s body was discovered on Monday at Surfers Paradise, where contestants of the ITV show were photographed before entering the jungle this year.

The father of a baby whose naked body washed ashore on a Gold Coast beach after a suspected ‘sacrifice’ is expected to be charged with murder

The homeless suspect and his family are understood to have been travelling from Australia’s Gold Coast when the infant was allegedly thrown into the water.

Police then captured images of the mother, father and remaining young child catching a bus at Coolangatta and returning to Queensland, sources said.

The infant’s empty pram was discovered alongside the waterway.

Her abandoned body is believed to have drifted 30km in the current for two days before passers-by made the horrifying discovery.

It is understood that the death itself took place below the state border in New South Wales

This is where the family are believed to have been living

The tragic baby’s family had been living in parks and seeking shelter along the Gold Coast

Queensland Police have said they believe was she was thrown into the sea as a “sacrifice”.

Shocking footage shared with the Daily Mail Australia showed the homeless couple arguing at a park a week before he allegedly murdered their child.

Neighbours filmed the nine-month-old’s infant mum, 23, pleading with the dad to give back $940 (£735).

She can be heard saying in a panicked tone: “I’ll give it back, I’ll give it back”.

The father of the baby will now be extradited to New South Wales to be charged with her murder.

Police on Surfers Paradise beach, where the baby’s body was found

Tributes have been left on Surfers Paradise beach, where a nine-month-old baby’s body was found on Monday

Actress Emily Atack on the beach where the tragic baby was found

Tweed Heads residents have claimed they had raised concerns about the homeless family before the girl’s death.

At a hearing today a court heard how the father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was a violent schizophrenic who had previously tried to attack a council officer who tried to warn him not to camp in the sand dunes with his family.

Sunil Dutt, of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service, said his client had been in and out of foster care and endured a “very hard life”.

It is understood the girl’s mother, a 23-year-old of no-fixed abode, has been released from police custody without charge and may be treated as a witness.

She is now under the care of Queensland mental health services. Her eldest child, believed to be two, is also in state care.

The girl’s father has also told police he believed the baby was possessed by demons, Seven News reported last night.

Around 1,723 homeless people live on the Gold Coast, a 27 per cent jump since 2011.

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