Bigg Boss 11: “Shilpa Shinde Has Split Personality; She Is Very Dangerous”, Says Priyank Sharma

Model Priyank Sharma who has made his appearances in reality shows like ‘Roadies’ and ‘Splitsvilla’ has been shown the exit door of the Bigg Boss house in just one week. Reason? Well, he pushed his fellow contestant AkashDadlani during a fight. With physical violence being prohibited in the house, Priyank was immediately ousted from the show.

In a conversation with, Priyank Sharma shared his experience in the house, reason behind an ugly fight with Akash and many more…

Here’s what he said:

What was your first reaction when you got to know that you’re the first contestant to get evicted?

I was disheartened. It was a short, sweet but an incomplete journey. But to be very honest, once I went out of the house, I saw people standing for me and supporting me; it was insane. Actually, it’s a mixed emotion. Bigg Boss is definitely a mad house and I am really going to miss this because there were certain people who were close to me; I am really going to miss the crazy things which we did together inside the house.

So, what exactly went wrong between you and Akash inside the house?

See, I am a very calm and a positive person. However, there’s lot of negativity inside the house which I have never experienced in my life. I stood for right and I am very proud of it. I pushed Akash (Dadlani) because he had used abusive words for Vikas’s mother, and Shilpa (Shinde), too, was doing the same. Though I was standing up for the right thing, I think I should have used a better way to deal with the situation. I should have done it smartly and shouldn’t have got so emotional. The makers didn’t want to set an example and therefore I was out.

So, who do you think is the most negative person in the house?

Definitely, it’s ShilpaShinde because she is having problems with everyone in the house. She is very dangerous; she has a split personality and her focus is only on Vikas. Also, I didn’t gel with Arshi (Khan) who is spreading too much negativity. Puneesh Sharma andAkashDadlani, both have double standards. Except for these four people, I made friends with the rest.

Lot of reports suggested that you will re-enter the house as a wild card entrant. How far are these reports true?

Right now, I am not entering the house again. I have already made my Diwali plans and going to stick with it. But yes, if given an opportunity by the channel people then I would definitely love to re-enter the house and play the game once again (smiles).

Lastly, are you dating Splitsvilla contestant DivyaAgarwal?

Yes, we are seeing each other.

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