Boo Blouse! The Real Reason Why Women Are Posting Pictures Of Them In A Saree But Without A Blouse On The Social Media

For the last few days we were wondering why dozens of women are suddenly posting pictures of them in saree but without a blouse until we decided to go into the depths of this weird social media trend. After some research we realised that this was part of an Instagram campaign called ‘Bluse Free Saree’ in which women are showing immense interest. Till now around 1000 women have posted pictures of themselves in a saree sans blouse on an Instagram account named The main aim behind the campaign is to promote the traditional way of wearing a saree.

So if you are still confused on what you should wear, this Instagram account can be of much help.

The No Blouse challenge aims to promote the traditional style of wearing a saree without a blouse and a petticot.

In the past women used to wear sarees in this way to retain the purity of the unstitched cloth.

Plus, this way of wearing a saree makes a women feel more liberated. What do you say?

The campaign had a good response from women around the country with thousands of them posting pictures in a saree without a blouse.

Check out some pictures here.

It is creative, innovative and stylish.

It is interesting how so many women have come up with so many ideas to wear a saree.

No matter how you wear it, you will always look good in a saree.

Chic and stylish.

We are personally in love with this one.

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