‘I Have B***s And I Love Them’, Says Shama Sikander After She Was Shamed By Trolls For Her Bikini Pictures

The term is so often used that it has become common in our vocabulary these days. People of all walks of life have become a target for these people who seem to have a lot of time on their hands. While social media has made it easier for people of different parts to connect , it has also common ground for celebrities and their fans to communicate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But with greater mobile internet penetration, more perverts seem to be thriving hiding behind a screen name. They love to post vile comments on pictures of stars. Although men get trolls as well, but more often than not, some disgusting comments are shot at female stars. Stars such as Deepika Padukone who was trolled for her pictures, posted another one just to spite the haters. When Esha Gupta launched her lingerie line, she made a point to switch off the comment section and continued posting her pictures.

And who can forget Priyanka Chopra’s knees when she met PM Modi? Fatima Shaikh and Soha Ali Khan hit right back at them too.

Sunny Leone is trolled everytime she posts a picture. She has even been accused of ‘corrupting morals’.

This time it’s Shama Sikander.

The 38-year-old, who is best known for TV show Yeh Meri Life Hai, was trolled for her Melbourne vacation pictures.

She hit back by posting another bikini picture and wrote, “A woman has B***S…that’s what makes her different than men and I’m grateful that I’m a woman and a blessed one indeed…”

She continued, “

they are “juicy” and also are “melons “ or whatever else you prefer calling them. I think it’s time for all those TROLLS who like to give my body parts names like these to get over it and move on in life. They’re mine and I love them… #BodyShaming #NotTolerated #RespectWomen #LoveForBikini”

“Ye Meri Life Hai!”

Right on point, we’d say!

She also appeared in films such as Aamir Khan’s Mann and the short film Sexaholic.

She also starrred in a web series – Maya.

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