Chinese woman throws her four-year-old son off fourth-storey room after arguing with her ex-husband over child support

A cruel mother threw her four-year-old son from a third-floor window in China
She was arguing with her ex spouse over child custody to keep the two sons
The boy suffered head injury but luckily survived as he hit on a box with fertiliser

An angry mother threw her young son out from a third floor window after having a quarrel with her ex-husband on the phone in south China.

Her four-year-old son survived plunging 30ft from a hotel as he hit on foam box filled with fertiliser before falling on the ground.

The 35-year-old mother, surnamed Zhang, is detained for intentional bodily harm. Her son is now recovering in stable condition.

A four-year-old boy in China is thrown out of a window by his mother and plunges 30ft down

He luckily survived with a head injury and is treated at a hospital immediately

Ms Zhang, the mother, is detained by the police for intentional bodily harm

According to Wugang Police, officers received an incident report at a hotel in Qingfeng road, Wugang city, Shaoyang of Hunan Province at 11am on February 24.

Ms Zhang, who had divorced with her husband just a day ago, were arguing with her ex-partner on the phone as they tried to settle a way to take care of their two sons, aged six and four years old respectively.

Local media, Shaoyang First Time, reported that the couple agreed that Ms Zhang to take care of the eldest son and the ex-husband to take care of the second son.

The report mentioned that Ms Zhang asked to spend her last night with her younger son and brought the two sons to a hotel in Wugang.

It’s said that Ms Zhang refused to send the four-year-old to her ex-husband and had an argument with her ex-spouse the next morning.

She ended throwing her son out of the window from third floor.

The boy is said to have head injury as he fell on a foam box before hitting onto the ground.

He was taken to the hospital immediately and is now recovering in a stable condition.

Wugang police officers arrested Ms Zhang for intentional bodily harm. The case is awaiting for further information.


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