DEADLY DECEPTION Mum ‘murdered and mutilated beyond recognition after Muslim sex mob hoax’

JAN Mai, 50, and Irina Aizina, 29, said a group of ’50 Arab men’ had stormed into their bar in Frankfurt, Germany and groped multiple women. Their lies were published in a German newspaper and the pair were soon exposed.

A YOUNG mum was allegedly stabbed to death and “mutilated beyond recognition” by a bar owner after the pair invented lies about a Muslim refugee “sex mob”.

Irina Aizina, 29, was found dead in a secluded field in Frankfurt, Germany, by a dog walker last week.

Irina Aizina, 29, was murdered in Frankfurt after she helped carry out the publicity hoax

Businessman Jan Mai, 50, was arrested on Friday on suspicion of murder and he is expected to appear before a judge this week.

He hit the headlines last year after claiming a Muslim “sex mob” had stormed his Frankfurt bar.

Aizina was an investor in Mai’s bar and helped him carry out the publicity hoax.

She was the main witness in the exclusive story that was published by German newspaper Gilt, claiming she was “groped everywhere” and saying: “I was lucky I was wearing tights.”

She and Jan Mai, 50, lied to a newspaper and said they were assaulted by a group of 50 Arab men

It was soon revealed to be a lie and publicity stunt for the bar that the pair co-owned

Mai said “50 Arab men” had stormed his bar on New Year’s Eve, groped female customers and stolen their jackets.

The story was published with the headline: “Sex Mob Rages on Frankfurt Restaurant Strip.”

It was soon revealed that the story was a publicity stunt for Mai’s bar – which he was forced to close after the truth came out.

The young woman was allegedly murdered by Mai after the bar closed and she asked for her investment money back.

She was found dead in a field after she reportedly asked Mai for her investment money back

Aizina was the main witness in the faux story and said she was ‘groped everywhere’ by the made-up men

Mai, who had just come back from a family holiday in Dubai and was clearly wealthy, allegedly stabbed the young mum multiple times in a park where they met up.

Police said her face was “mutilated beyond recognition” and she was found with around 20 stab wounds.

Her body had been dragged into the grass and her purse and jewellery were both missing.

She was found dead last Wednesday and ‘mutilated beyond recognition’ according to Frankfurt police

She was found dead and dumped in a field on Wednesday by a dog walker.

Mai’s blood was found at the crime scene and he was arrested two days later.

He appeared in multiple newspapers and on national breakfast television following the Gilt article.

The newspaper is known for covering crimes committed by immigrants and foreigners in Germany.

Mai and Aizina were both due to report in court next month for the false accusations of sexual assault.

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