Debauched parties of tobacco tycoon heir where guests eat sushi off naked women and bikini-clad girls drape themselves over supercars

New footage shows one of self-styled Aussie playboy Travers Beynon’s infamous parties – rumoured to involve stripping, bondage and orgies

Candyman aka Travers Beynon held his annual extravaganza at his Queensland home, also known as the Candyshop Mansion (Image: Instagram/Candy Shop Mansion)

The outrageous antics that go on at tobacco tycoon Candyman’s debauched Freaks Unleashed parties has been revealed in new footage.

Men are seen eating sushi off reclining naked women and scantily-clad girls dance by the pool kissing each other.

Rumours suggest the over-the-top parties at Travers Beynon’s Candy Shop mansion involve stripping, bondage, intoxication and orgies.

In the latest sneak peak into the parties, women are wearing barely any clothing but some men wear costumes that afford a little more cover – dressed as creepy clowns and weird vampires.

Models are also seen twerking in thongs and cavorting around in lingerie and leather straps, while bikini-clad girls drape themselves over supercars.

Travers Beynon with models at his party

The self-styled Aussie playboy, tobacco company heir and failed former footballer aims to throw the world’s best parties.

Most of the videos he has released of the parties show naked or semi naked models shaking their bottoms at the camera.

His latest video begins with an aerial view of the enormous waterfront property on Australia’s Gold Coast as people set up the luxury villa for party time and performers gather before the show.

Then a beat kicks in and footage cuts to images of the party in full swing with women in bikinis twerking for the camera around a pool and kissing each other.

Women mostly wore bikins or lingerie at his party (Image: Instagram/Candy Shop Mansion)

Men eat sushi off reclining naked women and people dance under the hot Australian sun.

Goulish face paint with fake blood dripping from the corners of party-goers mouth seems to be another often repeated theme at the latest party which was held last year.

Guests at the adults-only event had to be inside by 2pm where women stood around a large pool in tacky outfits in the sunshine.

The party was held around the pool at his Australian mansions (Image: Instagram/Candy Shop Mansion)

The playboy was so obsessed with nakedness that even the DJ’s were topless.

The party also featured fireworks displays and plenty of booze.

Beynon’s waterfront home regularly opens its doors to hundreds of scantily-clad guests, all hand-picked by The Candyman himself for his parties.

The tobacco tycoon’s events are world-famous for their decadence, bursting with “hot naked women ready to have a wild time”.

Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon shares images of him cavorting with multiple women at his parties (Image: candyshopmansion/Instagram)

His hedonistic £360,000 Freaks Unleashed house party was held at his palatial property in Helensvale on the Gold Coast.

The Candyman was accused of ‘branding’ women as he asked people to tattoo his company’s logo onto their skin as part of a competition where the first 40 people with the tattoo would win free flights to Australia to attend one of his bawdy parties.

The tycoon encouraged people to get tattoos featuring his company’s logo in a bid to win flights to Australia and tickets to one of his parties (Image: candyshopmansion/Instagram)

A woman shows her tattoo with his company logo on it which some people have compared to branding cattle (Image: candyshopmansion/Instagram)

The successful men and women who got the Candyman’s Free Choice logo in time were flown to Brisbane with a ticket to his Candy Shop Mansion Party.

Born in 1972, social media star Beynon is the heir to the FreeChoice tobacco empire which was founded by his parents.

A failed soccer player, the party monster became a successful fashion model in the 1990s.

Now styled as ‘Candyman’, Beynon posts pictures of his flamboyant lifestyle on Instagram where he boasts over 640,000 followers.

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