‘Even In Our Bedroom, He Used A Camera,’ Told Businessman’s Wife Who Was Found Hanging A Few Hours Later

“Didi, he has installed cameras all around in the house, even in our bedroom. He even beats me. He has filed a case against me in Aishbagh police station; they have been calling me and have asked Papa and I to be there. I don’t understand what’s going on,” this panicky conversation took place between a businessman’s wife and her sister. But what’s so intriguing about this conversation is the fact that she was found dead a few hours later.
The mysterious death of a businessman’s wife was reported in Aishbagh in Bhopal. The woman was found hanging from the ceiling fan. The deceased’s older sister has termed it as murder. According to her, her sister’s husband would often beat her and would harass her for dowry.

He was not even present for her post-mortem, which makes the matter even more suspicious.

Pushpa Nagar-resident Khemraj Rai owns a factory and polyhouse. On 9:30 PM on Sunday, Khemraj informed Aishbagh police that his 38-year-old wife Shelkumari has committed suicide.

The police has taken custody of the body and sent it for post-mortem. Shelkumari’s family is demanding an investigation in her death and also accused Khemraj of torturing her for dowry.

According to Aishbagh SI Nagendra Shukla, Khemraj termed Shelkumari a mental patient in front of serious police officials.

He alleges that Shelkumari’s family kept him in dark about her mental illness and lied to him to Shelkumari married to him. Now, CSP-level officials are investigating the matter.

Shelkumari’s father Lakshmanprakash Chokse told that Shelkumari had divorced her first husband and three years later in February 2016, we had her married to Aishbagh resident Khemraj. This too was his second marriage. He had himself proposed marriage to her. But soon after marriage, he started torturing her. We did give him some money. He wanted Rs 10 lakh for his factory.

Fed up of physical and mental torture by Khemraj, Shelkumari had dialed 100 for help. He had submitted in writing that he had reached a compromise with his wife Shelkumari and will be living with her. Post this, he stayed with her for a while but soon left. He also filed a complaint on behalf of his minor son from his first wife against Shelkumari in Child commision. However, the commission saying that they will be under their scrutiny, ordered them to live together.

“We are five siblings and Shelkumari was the youngest of them. She was emotionally very strong. She had told me that her husband Khemraj wanted to kick her out of the house but she won’t leave. She couldn’t see our father upset. The last time we talked, she was crying on phone but she did not speak anything about suicide. I talked to her and she felt better. But soon Khemraj sent me text message saying that I am going to be a slave for your sister this one last time.’ Now I know what he meant,” says Shelkumari’s older sister, Lali.

Shelkumari had told her sister that her husband Khemraj had installed cameras in their bedroom. He beat her often. Khemraj had even complaint in Aishbagh police station alleging that the marriage was a fraud. The police called Shelkumari and her father.

On Sunday, Shelkumari had called her older sister Lali. She died a fewhours later.

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