Father Who Had An Incestuous Relationship And A Baby With His Own Daughter Asked His Other Kids To Call Her ‘Step Mom’

He would sleep on the floor of her room every night.

While Katie Pladl’s Instagram account looks like that of any ‘normal; mother’s account that is flooded with pictures of her baby and her husband, there are few who knows the sick secret the account hides. The 20-year-old new mum is in a an incestuous relationship with her biological father, has married him and lives with him and the baby is a result of their incestuous relationship. Katie’s 42-year-old father left his wife (and Katie’s biological mother) to live with his daughter.

The case came into light when Katie’s mother read the diary of her other child and Katie’s sibling.

The diary read that Katie was pregnant and the father of the child was their father Steven Pladl.

When she confronted him about this, he disclosed that he had an incestuous relationship with their daughter and then moved away from the family house to live with Katie.

When Katie was a baby, the couple had given her away for adoption. But at the age of 18 she found them through social media and came to stay with them.

During her stay in the house the father would sleep on the floor of her room every night.

A few months later she moved out of the house to live separately and within three months Steven and his wife got divorced.

According to the police, Steven had told his other two children to call their eldest sister ‘step mom’.

After a warrant was issued against them, the police found them at an address living together with their four-months old baby boy.

Both Katie and Steven were issued with a $1 million bond for their bail. The father was released after paying the amount while the daughter is still in jail.

The father and daughter will be presented in court for charges of incest with adult, adultery and contributing to delinquency.

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