‘First Lady Of ISIS’ Tania Wanted To Raise Her Children As Terrorists; 33-Year-Old Shares How She Ended Up Becoming A Terrorist And Then Escaped

A 33-year-old British born Bangladeshi woman, Tania, who travelled all the way from America to Syria to become an ISIS terrorist, is now living a quite life in Dallas along with her terrorist husband’s parents and her 4 children.

In a recent interview with a magazine, Tania Georgelas revealed several details of her journey from Britain to America and then Syria, to become an Islamic terrorist. Her former husband, John Georgelas, has continued his stay with the ISIS and has now become the most highly ranked American member of the ISIS.

Tania was born and raised in London and she revealed how her experiences in her formative years had resulted in a growing dislike for other religions. “I faced a lot of racism. We had bad neighbours, they would smash our windows, but generally I just felt like an outsider. I was looking for a way to retaliate,” stated Tania in her recent interview.

Tania also revealed that the 9/11 attack on the twin towers were in-fact the turning point of her life. “I was 17, I saw the towers being crashed into and I went to school the next day. I said to my friend, ‘Oh isn’t it dreadful what happened,’ and she looked at me and said ‘Is it really?’ At that point I became really jihadi hardcore.”

A few years later, when Americans began protesting against the US army’s attacks on Iraq, Tania was a part of the protest as well. Here, there were several Muslim men who were handing out slips of paper which included the address of a matchmaking website.

Tania later logged into the dating site and it was here that she came across her husband, John Georgelas. John is the son of US military doctor Colonel Timothy. But growing up, John was always a rebel who later turned into a drug addict. He eventually dropped out of school and converted into Islam after the 9/11 attack.

Tania and John fell in love and eventually married in the year 2004. The two had 3 children by the year 2013, when they decided to move to Syria and join the ISIS. Tania was also expecting her 4th child and was 5 months pregnant.

“I’ve had these children for one reason only, and that was so they could serve god as Muslims, as mujahideen,” stated Tania. The couple travelled with their children to Syria and set up a home in a small village where there were no windows, no running water and very little supply of food.

Tania and the kids were unable to cope and the lot soon fell sick. It was then that Tania expressed her desire to return back home. ISIS usually has a very strict punishment against those who turn their back on them. But John was able to get Tania and his kids out of Syria and into Texas safely with the help of his parents.

John, till date, continues to live in Syria and has become one of the most highly ranked American in ISIS. Tania returned and started staying with John’s parents in Dallas and began raising her kids. Tania is now dating an IT worker, Craig, whom she met in an online dating site.

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