‘I Get Aroused Sexually And Couldn’t Get My Pants Down Fast’ Man Who Claims To Have Lost His Virginity To Aliens Describes His Experience

‘She had a very nice body, long fingernails, large eyes and a pale face.’

A 74-year-old man in New Jersey claims he has been meeting aliens since he was 8 years old. He even lost his virginity to one alien at the age of 17 and has fathered hundreds of alien children with that extraterrestrial woman. All the aliens kids stayed back ‘there’ and he has no contacts with them. David Huggins who is a divorced father of one claims that the alien woman visited him again 5-6 months back, had an intimate encounter with him in some other world but when he woke up he was on his bed.

These ridiculous and surreal claims come from a man who looks very normal and sober and is very soft spoken. He lives in a three storey house with his son and has over hundred paintings that describe his encounter with the other world.

According to him there are millions of people around the world who have had a similar experience. For Huggins the first experience happened when he was a kid and lived with his parents and siblings in Georgia.

He was playing near a tree when he heard a voice, “David, behind you.” When he turned back he saw a hairy guy with glowing eyes walking towards him. The 8-year-old David was so frightened that he ran away.

But after that these encounters never stopped. Sometime he would see some strange insect like creature and sometime he would encounter weird ‘beings’ whom he calls ‘Little Greys’. He also met many alien women during this time.

At the age of 17 he met an alien woman who created a milestone in his life. He was walking in the woods when he saw this woman ‘Crescent’ sitting under a tree. She started coming towards him and he got sexually aroused.

He couldn’t get his pants down and fell on the ground. As he lay there, she kept on looking at him while he reached his climax. He says the whole experience of losing his virginity was very painful and he passed out soon after he reached his climax.

Even after he turned 19 and moved to New York he continued his relationship with the aliens. Sometimes they also took him to ‘there’ place.

Talking about the woman he lost his virginity to, David said that she had a very nice body but her fingernails were very long and she had a pale face and large eyes.

David claims ‘Crescent’ was his girlfriend. One day when he was painting at his home, the walls opened and Crescent appeared and announced that they had a child but the child was dying. When he asks her to show him he baby, she picks the baby out of a container and dangles it in front of him.

He goes and passes out on his bed and the next moment he is ‘there’ with Crescent and the baby. She is still holding the baby but the baby is not moving. David touches the baby and the baby moves. Then an insect like creature comes and takes him to a room full of David’s babies.

David now has a collection of paintings that describe his experiences and encounters with the extraterrestrial ‘beings’. There is also a documentary on him in which he is seen giving first-hand information on his experiences.

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