HAIR MARE Gangrenous scalp, losing an eye & bloody wounds: our hair transplant hell

HAIR MARE As David Beckham steps out with a suspiciously thicker thatch, these men reveal their hair transplant hell – from bloody wounds to a gangrenous scalp and losing an eye

It’s rumoured the ex-footballer has had a hair transplant after sporting thicker locks, but while he has access to the best surgeons other men haven’t been so lucky

IF rumours are to be believed and David Beckham has had a secret hair transplant, he joins an ever-expanding club of men opting for drastic surgery to boost their thinning locks.

Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt, Louis Walsh and Robbie Williams are just some of the famous names admitting to having had their ‘thatch done’ – and their openness about the procedure has led to a flood in interest.

David Beckham has been sporting a fuller head of hair, leading to speculation that he has had a transplant

One London Harley Street clinic recently said they’d seen a 25 per cent rise in bookings in the last five years alone, despite the eye-watering cost, which can be between £6,000 to £12,000.

David Beckham may have access to the best in the world, but there are numerous overseas clinics, especially in India, Thailand and Turkey, that offer hair loss surgery at a much cheaper price which appeal to those with a less buoyant bank balance.

And although techniques have become advanced in recent years, the procedure, which involves surgically removing hair follicles from one part of the body and transplanting them on the scalp, can lead to serious long-lasting damage when carried out by cowboy surgeons.

From painful swelling to failed operation attempts and even losing an eye, Sun Online takes a look at what happens when hair transplants go wrong.

Men can be left in severe pain when hair transplants go wrong, such as UK man Chris Davis who spent thousands on operations to fix it

I lost an eye and got gangrene

Tariq Khusroo’s case could be the worst hair transplant nightmare so far.

According to reports published in Indian digital newspaper, The News Minute, in February this year Tariq, an Indian working in Saudi Arabia, had surgery at Dr Khan’s Hair Transplant Centre in India, which involved 3,500 grafts.

However, he developed severe infection and gangrene after 2,800 grafts.

Tariq Khusroo made headlines in Indian media after having cowboy hair transplant surgery

“I had swelling in my head and eyes. By night, I was unable to move, eat or even breathe properly,” Tariq said.

He was rushed to hospital where he fortunately survived the infection, but his right eyeball had to be removed.

Tariq lost his right eye due to the botched op

To a balding man, a thick crop of hair like David Beckham’s is very appealing but is it really worth the loss of an eye? We doubt it.

I looked like a toothbrush

Graham Ryder, 51, was left with a scalp riddled with more than 50 dent-like scars after his hair-loss surgery.

The electrical project manager went bald at 22 and decided to pursue his dream of a full head of hair.

Graham Ryder was featured on a TV show that tried to reverse the effects of his failed hair transplant

“Initially the transplant seemed to work and offered a solution,” he told Channel 5’s Botched Up Bodies.

“However as my natural hair started to recede more it exposed the transplanted area, which grew in a very tufty sort of fashion, which obviously looked unsightly. It looked like a toothbrush.

“It got the point where the results of the surgery looked worse than having no surgery at all.”

After his initial disastrous procedure, a desperate Graham tried electrolysis to remove the abnormal hair growth.

He was left with 50 dents on his head

However, while this did remove the tufts of hair, it left Graham with about 50 indented scars on the top of his head.

“On a daily basis when you look in the mirror it’s something that you can’t avoid seeing because it’s in your face. It challenges me and it does make me feel low,” he explained.

I was left with a bloody, gaping wound on top of my head

Veteran Pakistani actor-writer Syed Sajid Hasan is another casualty of a hair transplant going horrendously wrong.

A veteran Pakistani actor was left with an infection on his scalp

In a video message earlier this year talking about his botched hair transplant, Syed explained how an old acquaintance, a medical doctor, had been pleading him for nine years to get a hair transplant done from him.

He accepted the plea, but found it strange that prior to the surgery, no medical tests were conducted, reported Pakistani media site Geo News.

Mr Hasan stated that a day after the transplant process began he fell sick and suffered an infection on his head as well as severe fever for 10 days.

“However, the doctor kept assuring me that ‘all is well’ and this is normal procedure,” he said.

He added that during this ordeal, he remained passed out for 15 days but even then the doctor did not consider it a big deal and, “kept cleaning the wound with saline water”.

In the video Mr Hasan then bows his head and shows a gaping, bloody wound inflicted on the top of his head during the surgery.

Syed shocked fans with this image of his gouged-out scalp

He said, “Now the scene is this. I am suffering a lot, for his (doctor’s) negligence and not cleaning the wound properly.

“So is my family. I have been facing extreme problems for the last two months and had to suffer professionally too.”

Thousands spent on 6 years of botched ops

When Chris Davies showed off his luscious barnet two years ago, he admitted he was finally happy with the way he looked.

The then 30-year-old sports trader from Essex started balding at the age of 18, but spent thousands of pounds over the course of six years due to botched ops.

Chris Davies finally regained his confidence after spending thousands on failed treatments

He said: “I just wanted a quick fix to make the problem go away so I impulsively booked a hair transplant at a clinic that I’d found from a quick internet search.

“They charged me £2,000 for the surgery, which at the time was pretty much all my savings.

“I had a small strip of hair taken from the back of my hair and transplanted to the front. It was supposed to take hold and grow, with promised results after nine months.”

Chris Davies was left embarrassed when the hair transplants had no effect

But after a year, his hair looked no different, but he tried again – and this time he was left with large puncture scars on the back of my head from the procedure.

“This was definitely my lowest point in my hair loss journey. Not only had I lost all hope of ever getting my hair back, but I was feeling incredibly insecure,” he said.

However, after seeking professional advice from a hair-loss expert, he travelled to New York for his final operation, which was a success.

Seven failed transplants ruined my life

Michael Avola underwent seven failed operations

Humiliation and pain was something Michael Avola also experienced.

Appearing on Botched Up Bodies last year, unemployed Michael, 49, from Northampton, described how he had undergone seven failed hair transplant operations.

This was done in an attempt to restore his hairline and boost his confidence, after suffering significant hair loss at 23.

Not only did they not work, they left him with significant scarring which prevented new growth in the affected areas and “ruined his life”.

Michael said: “they promised me there would be a really good result. The scarring would be invisible and that there would be full coverage at the front.”

Instead, the back of Mr Avola’s head – where hair follicles were harvested for transplantation and never grew back- was left with horizontal scars that were clearly visible through the remaining hair on his head.

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