Haryana Singer Harshita Dahiya Shot Dead; She Had ‘Filed A Rape Case Against Her Brother-In-Law’ And Was Also Getting Death Threats

Haryana singer Harshita Dahiya was shot by unindetified men in Chamrara village in Panipat on Tuesday evening. A case of murder against unknown people has been registered by the police.

She was live on Facebook just two hours before her brutal murder.

On Tuesday, Harshita Dahiya had reached Chamrara village in support of Sandeep Bharti, who was opposing MP Rajkumar Saini’s rally.

Fellow artist Nisha Bahadurgarh told that she was accompanying Harshita to an event. A black car overtook them and forcibly stopped their car.

She told, “There were two youths in the car. One of them had a tilak on his forehead.

The young man came with a pistol and asked everyone to escape from the car. We were all scared. I jumped into the fields and ran away. The same young man had shot Harshati Dahiya.

For a while, we were all hiding in the fields due to fear. When the villagers arrived at the spot there, we reached the car and saw Harshita lying on the front seat of the car with blood all over.”

Six shots were fired at Harshita Dahiya, who died on the spot. The 22-year-old was likely killed due to personal enmity, say police.

Panipat Superintendent of Police Rahul Sharma told a leading English daily that Dahiya had filed a complaint of rape against her brother-in-law, who is now in jail.

Recently, Harshita Dahiya went live on Facebook and had said that she was getting death threats.

Reports say that the 22-year-old was also a witness in her mother’s murder in Delhi. The Haryana singer was from Sonipat.

She was live on Facebook just two hours before she was shot dead.

She also revealed that she was getting death threats but wasn’t afraid of anyone.

Harshita Dahiya was a popular singer and dancer. Many considered ‘Dancer Sapna’ Chaudhary to be her competitor.

Dahiya’s parents have died and two older sisters are married.

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