‘HE HAD A KNIFE’ Model jailed in Dubai ‘after fleeing rapist naked’ relives horror ordeal

‘HE GRABBED A KNIFE’ Russian model who jumped naked from sixth-floor Dubai hotel room to ‘flee rapist’ tells of horror after SHE was jailed

Ekaterina Stetsyuk, 23, says she was held up at knifepoint by her boss in Dubai but was jailed after he accused her of attempted murder

A RUSSIAN model who jumped from a sixth-floor Dubai hotel room to flee a “rapist” has opened up about her horror ordeal – after she was jailed.

Ekaterina Stetsyuk, 23, claims her boss tried raping her at knifepoint in the hotel room but he accused her of attempted murder.

Ekaterina Stetsyuk,has opened up about her horror after she jumped from a sixth-floor window to avoid being ‘raped’

The 39-year-old Pakistani businessman, who allegedly ran an “event-modelling” company, claimed Ekaterina had turned the knife on him.

She was arrested while recovering in hospital from the jump after she suffered several back injuries.

The model also needed two operations and a titanium plate in her spine to ensure she would be able to walk again.

Opening up about the horror for the first time, she told Andrey Malakhov On Air Live in Moscow: “Police just grabbed me from my hospital bed. At that time I could move only my fingers and my neck.

Russian model, Ekaterina Stetsyuk, ​speaks from hospital bed after jumping from sixth floor of Dubai hotel ​’fleeing for her life from man who tried to rape and kill her​’​

Ekaterina had moved to Dubai to further her career

She had avoided her boss’s advances

But she was allegedly held at knifepoint after refusing to sleep with him

Ekaterina wept as she relived her ordeal

“They put me onto wheelchair, took away my mobile phone and brought me to the jail.”

Ekaterina travelled to Dubai from her native Irkutsk in eastern Siberia after the modelling agency had made her an offer to fly her out.

She said she resisted her boss’s advances but he invited her her to his home during business hours in a hotel-apartment complex.

The model said: “He began to harass me sexually, touch my knees. I did not want this so I removed his hand.

“He became angry, and even crazy. I realised that I had to get away quickly.

She was told she was lucky to be alive

She said she feared her boss would kill her

“I ran into the corridor, but he grabbed me by my hair and dragged back into the room.

“He grabbed a knife and pushed me against the wall, clutching me by the neck, and starting to suffocate me.”

She said she was then made to undress, adding: “I was so scared, I feared not so much that he could rape me, the scariest at that moment was that he would kill me.”

But she says she was lured with an offer she couldn’t refuse

Ekaterina managed to fight the boss off but jumped naked from the window and was only saved when she landed on awning.

She was unable to walk or talk while in jail and believes she only survived because another Russian inmate washed her and helped her go to the toilet.

Ekaterina said: “I was blamed that I attacked him with a knife, that I injured him, so I must be put i jail.

“It was made out it was only me who was to blame. This is Muslim country and the law is on the side of the man.”

She has since returned to Russia after three months in prison but says her boss, who was deported to Pakistan, was never punished.

The model has now admitted she made a mistake in accepting the job and says she has been “very lucky”.

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