These Hot Russian Twins Want A Filthy Rich Husband Who Can Afford Them And Have No Problem With Them Sharing Him

Sisters share everything! And husbands? Definitely not. But twin sisters Adel and Alina Fakhteeva claim they are looking for a disgustingly rich husband which they would share. The sexy Russian twins want a man who will take them to Moscow because their hometown is ‘boring’. The 22-year-olds, who are already a mini-celebrity in their town said that they don’t mind sharing a husband unless they can do everything together. The girls earn around £80 every month by advertising different brands. The husband has to be a multi-millionaire who can give them a better life, claim the twins.

The girls also stirred a controversy earlier this year when they posted a video in which a blogger was shown lifting their skirts to reveal their bottoms.

And now they are looking for a husband that they can share.

But yes, the husband just cannot be ‘any other guy’.

Besides being super-rich he has to be open-minded too.

Because you know, it is not normal to have two wives.

The girls have also reached out to politicians and local media to help them find a suitor.

A local mayor named Aleksandr Donskoy ahs now stepped in to hep the girls find a husband.

He would be organising a seminar in which he would be inviting all the richest people of Russia.

Time for some leggy affair.

The girls post a lot of pictures on the social media.

This is one of their many sexy snaps.

They are also popular for their fashion blogging.

They are definitely hot, but sharing a husband? Like seriously?

What do you think about the twins’ decision, let us know in the comments section below.

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