Husband collected $750,000 life insurance after ‘murdering his wife in the shower when she discovered his Tinder affair’

Feldman, 53, works as a meat products wholesaler, while his wife Stacy, 44, worked for a non-profit. They are seen together with their two children in a family photo

Robert Wayne Feldman, 53, was charged with murder last month in Denver
An arrest affidavit released on Monday revealed startling new details in the case
He called 911 to report finding his wife Stacy Feldman dead in the shower in 2015
Cops were suspicious but autopsy could not determine her cause of death
Robert Feldman collected at $750,000 life insurance policy on his wife
Then a tipster came forward to reveal Feldman had posed as single on Tinder
She told wife Stacy of Feldman’s two-timing just hours before wife died

A husband whose wife died under suspicious circumstances is behind bars, after a Tinder tipster came forward to reveal that she’d alerted his wife to his two-timing ways the very day of her death.

Robert Wayne Feldman, 53, was charged with first-degree murder last month in the March 2015 death of his 44-year-old wife Stacy, who was found dead in the shower of their Denver home.

An arrest warrant affidavit released on Monday and reviewed by reveals dramatic new details of the two-year investigation, including an anonymous letter to cops, a psychological evaluation of Feldman’s 911 call, and the Tinder date who said she’d been duped into sleeping with the married Feldman.

The case began at around 3pm on March 1, when Feldman, a meat products wholesaler, called 911 in a panic, stating that his wife was unresponsive in the shower.

Stacy, who worked for the non-profit PSC Partners Seeking a Cure, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cops were suspicious from the beginning. Feldman was vague about what position he’d found the body in.

Firefighters who were the first at the scene said that he was acting ‘odd’ and ‘over dramatic’, the affidavit said.

Feldman’s story was that Stacy had consumed marijuana edibles and smoked pot at a party the night before, which is legal in Colorado.

He said she wasn’t feeling well when he’d left that morning around 8am to take the kids to school at a Jewish temple, and he didn’t see her again until he found her dead at 3pm.

The medical examiner found no signs of THC in Stacy’s system, proving she hadn’t smoked pot. But the autopsy could not prove her death was a homicide – the cause and manner of death were undetermined.

Denver Police Detective Randal Denison didn’t give up on the case, but for the time being the investigation was stalled.

Meanwhile, in June of 2015, Feldman collected $750,000 on a life insurance policy that he’d taken out on Stacy five years earlier.

Cops got an anonymous letter on March 24 saying that Stacy had been expected to pick up the couple’s children at noon the day she’d died – contradicting Feldman’s story.

Then, on June 11, a woman contacted the local Crime Stoppers hotline with crucial information.

She revealed that in February, she met Feldman through the dating app Tinder.

The two met for coffee on a first date, the woman said. He claimed to be divorced and was reluctant to give his last name. When pressed, he told her his name was ‘Robert Wolfe’, she said.

Suspicious, she looked him up online and discovered his last name was Feldman, and that he appeared to live with a woman named Stacy.

Outraged, she confronted him – but Feldman convinced her that he was really divorced, and that he just lived with his ex-wife for the children’s sake.

The woman said that a few days later Feldman came over to her house for dinner, and they had sex.

The pair had plans to spend time together the following weekend, but she didn’t hear from him. When she called him, he said he couldn’t meet up – he was ‘blowing her off’, she believed.

The spurned lover found an email address for Stacy and contacted her on the morning of March 1 to ask if Feldman was really divorced. Phone records show that Stacy responded immediately, calling the woman at 8.52am the same day.

Stacy revealed that she was indeed married Feldman and the two women shared their fury at being deceived. Stacy told the woman that Feldman had cheated on her before and said that she was ‘done with him’, the woman recalled.

Hours later, Stacy was dead.

Police dug deeper into the case, reviewing the tapes of the 911 call. Detective Denison, trained in techniques for reviewing suspicious 911 calls, noted that while Feldman said he was performing CPR, there were no changes to his breathing during the call.

Denison also heard ‘what sounds to be a toilet being flushed and possibly items being dropped’ in the background, he wrote in the affidavit.

The detective and prosecutors called in a forensic expert who is nationally known as an authority in strangulation deaths.

The expert reviewed all of the crime scene and autopsy photos, as well as the reports from the initial autopsy.

In December of 2017, the expert delivered his full report: Stacy was killed by strangulation or suffocation. The manner of death was homicide.

Feldman was arrested and booked for first-degree murder on February 13 of this year.

Attorneys for Feldman could not be reached for comment. He is being held without bail at the Denver Downtown Detention Center, and is next due in court on March 22.


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