Job crisis forcing the Indian youngsters to become the entrepreneur

Goodbye boss, now I am the boss.

Job crisis is on the high level in India.

There are few jobs in market and competitor is thousand times more.

If you are an engineer and think you will easily get the job in private Indian companies, then you should wash your mind.

As we know very tuff to get the job in Indian government sector if one thousand vacancies there 100 thousand people will apply.

So same here in private sector job, if there are 5 vacancies even in very small companies at least 1000 people will apply and if we talk about the big organization if 5 vacancy is there at least 10thousands people apply for this post.

So you cant say easy to get the job in private sector you have also the more talented competitor in private sector like government sector.

Oh let’s congratulate if you crack interview, but how much salary company is offering you, I tell you if small companies hire you .

Then they will offer you salary less than rickshaw wala, who earn monthly more than you.

If middle-level company hire you then they will offer you salary less than an auto wall, who earns monthly more than you.

But don’t worry there still some good companies in the market who respect talent and the degree of engineers and offer smart salary which gives you feel like an engineer.

Now, lets you get the job but what about the job security? so frankly tell you job security in private companies is 10/100.

Nowadays why the job is more insecure?

There are more than 100 thousands engineering college in India, every year productivity of engineers is you can calculate by own self accordingly if you are going to be part of the engineer .

Suppose when 10 million engineers will come in the market every year and only 100 thousands engineer success to get the job , so next year same thing happen, 10 million engineers will again come in the market even previous year 9.9million still jobless in market .so you can calculate this complex and worst job algorithm of Indian engineers .

If job crisis will increase surely job insecurity will more increase too, because companies have a lot of options if they fire one employee, thousands engineer are ready to fill that posts. So upper-level management peoples will thrash you, dominate you and you have to accept all those kind of situation and accept abusing words too if you want to keep the save job in the market .

Nowadays there are mostly engineers want to get rid of private jobs and prepare government sector jobs, but there are also worst situation, no more government vacancy there.If one vacancy comes then 100 thousand people are ready to sit for apply.Engineers should think on one point when you were doing engineering, peoples there preparing for government sector jobs, after four years you have done engineering and those people are still preparing for government sector jobs since four years , you can’t imagine how much they prepared to compete for government jobs, when you go to compete with them, think about it what will be happen .The exception is everywhere some most talented engineers easily compete with them.

So nowadays all youngster want to do something own, after seeing this crisis of jobs in India.We know that India is the productivity of talented peoples before those talented peoples show the talent for companies growth and revenue as become employee but now the time has changed, talented youngsters are thinking about the new idea, working on those ideas, try to solve the problem of others. To those youngsters have the powerful idea and technique to solve the problem of other people, they become top entrepreneurs and kick the fear of insecurity, job crisis.

We have an example of paytm CEO Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

Written By :

Shahnawaz Hadi

Founder :

world entertainments center

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