Did you know there’s a correct way to wear bra? Because apparently there is

You might not think or know there’s a ‘right way’, but turns out you, like most women, you have been putting your bra on wrong this whole time. Yes really.

If you tend to put your bra on by simply slipping your arms through the straps and fastening the hooks at the back, we have news for you: you’re doing it wrong!

Ladies, you’ve been wearing a bra for a quarter of a century or more, so you’d think you would have realised by now if you were doing something wrong.

Apparently not.

Twitter user Brittany Packnett’s mind was blown when she saw a tag from ThirdLove – a US bra retailer – that matter-of-factly illustrates “How to put on a bra.” The three steps were so foreign to the American activist and educator that she shared it with her 99,000 Twitter followers, followed by an emotional journey in gifs, causing a Twitter storm in the process, with thousands of retweets, likes, and comments. Packnett even clarified that she is not getting paid for her enthusiastic tweets, posting, “This is not an ad of any kind. I just got tired of hearing @crissles brag about how comfy her boobs were so I tried @ThirdLove…”

According to the seemingly unnecessary advice on the ThirdLove tag, if you’ve been putting your bra on the tightest hook in the back and adjusting the straps after that, it turns out you’re supposed to do it the opposite way.

First, you put the bra on the loosest hook. Second, situate yourself into the cups so your breasts are all cosy. Then, you adjust the straps. The extra hooks were put on a bra to make it fit better, after it has stretched out a bit.

Mind blown, right?

You’re probably thinking: “If I hadn’t come across these instructions, I never would’ve paid attention. I would’ve looked at the instructions that came with the bra and thrown them away thinking, ‘how silly’. I know how to put on a bra. What a waste of paper.”

Of course, since Packnett tweeting the tag and what can only be described as an animated bildungsroman of bra-wearing, other women’s minds have been blown as they realise they’ve been doing it wrong their entire breasted lives. Judging by the multiple replies to her tweet, most people agreed with the advice given by ThirdLove.

So, is it true? Have women been doing it all wrong? According to Ra’el Cohen, ThirdLove’s head of design, they have. And there’s a good reason to reconsider your strategy.

“Most women I talk to are wearing a band that’s too large for them,” Cohen told HuffPost. “Basically, if you wear a brand new bra on any other hook than the loosest, you’re probably in too big a band size. When you put it on the loosest hook, it should feel snug on your body. Because after you wear it for about a week, you’ll start to feel it’s a bit more stretchy. If you wear it on the loosest in the beginning, that allows you two more adjustments as the bra stretches out. You are basically getting more life out of your bra.”

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