Legs Tied, Burnt With Cigarettes; Minor Raped By Her ‘Owner’ In Kitchen In Faridabad Repeatedly. His Wife And Kids Waited Outside

A 15 year old is recovering from horrific wounds in BK Hospital, Old Faridabad after she managed to escape from the clutches of vile ,abusive and psychotic men. The police are in pursuit of the accused men who put the girl through severe trauma since two years.

As per reports a young girl was transported from Godda district in Jharkhand to Delhi by a man called Surender, 2 years back.

It all began when the young girl’s parents died in a road crash and there was no one to take care of her and her brothers so their grandmother moved to their house. She added that the grandmother ill-treated her and finally sold her off for Rs. 4000 to Surender.

According to reports, Surender sexually assaulted her multiple times. “He thrashed me and raped me the moment we stepped into his house. However, when he wanted me hired by a couple in Delhi, he did not beat me for some days so I would not appear bruised and battered.”

There was a brief period of happy time when she was employed as a maid at a couple’s house. However, the moment her contract at that place got over, it started all over again.

“Surender got his friend, Mani Mishra, to employ me when my contract at the Delhi house ended,” the survivor said.

Mishra took the Rs. 30,000 that she had earned from her domestic work at the previous house and raped her in the kitchen even as his wife and kids stood outside.

“Mishra was ten times worse than Surender. He always threatened me with a red kitchen knife, and gagged me if I resisted or tried to scream. He tied my legs and burnt them with cigarettes if I tried to free myself.”

She only saw Mishra’s kids when she left the kitchen to go to the bathroom. One day after being utterly traumatized, beaten up and rapes, she escaped. She found two youths and told them what she had been through. Her eyes swollen, legs burnt from the cigarettes and body in a bad condition with polythene bags to cover the wounds.

“A special team has been formed to track the accused and their families. Our team is catching up to them. We will also verify if the girl’s grandmother had a role to play in her misery.” As per the police officials.

Bal Krishan Goel, member of the Haryana State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, told TOI that “this incident is one that belongs to the rarest category, but the important thing right now is her medical condition.”

Source By daily.bhaskar.com

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