LIC Agent Gave His Wife Electric Shocks Till Her Body Became Lifeless. Then He Casually Left Home To Buy Fish For Dinner

This was state of the body in which she was found…

An LIC agent killed his wife by torturing his wife with electric shocks. Police found her body on the floor; there were several injury marks on her face, neck and hands.The police has sent her body for post mortem and arrested her husband.

An LIC agent of the Bhagalpur division office, CO Dinesh Rajak and his 24-year-old wife Neha lived in Sampriti Apartments.

The police told that Dinesh concocted a fictional tale to misled police in the initial questioning. He wanted to project the murder as an accident.

After murdering his wife on Sunday, he left to ‘buy fish’ around 9:30 in the morning. He returned two hours later at 11:30 AM.

He even knocked on the door. After the door did not open, he ‘waited’ for five hours and told neighbours that his wife must be resting after taking a pill.

After he returned from the market, he was seen strolling outside. He called his in-laws and informed them about the door being locked. Finally, at around 4:45 PM, the door was broken and Neha was found dead on the floor.

Considering the evidence found on the crime scene and allegations made by Dinesh’s in-laws, Dinesh Rajak was arrested by the police.

Besides this, Dinesh also spiked Neha’s food with an abortion pill whenever she got pregnant.

Once she even spotted the tablet powder in her food and sent the pictures to her brother.

Her father has accused Dinesh, and his brother and sister-in-law with serious charges. His daughter was being tortured for dowry and not only this, Dinesh was having an affair with his sister-in-law’s sister.

DSP told that the post-mortem result is still awaited. We are investigating all the three charges against him. A case of dowry death under section 304.

Neha’s father Kailash Rajak said that his daughter was pursuing a PG from TNB College after getting married. Dinesh and Neha married two and a half years ago.

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