He Lost Both Hands And Foot While Saving A Girl In Lucknow; How He Is Trying To Turn His Life Around Is Commendable

He was just eight years old at the time…

Like every year, children from all over the country will be honored with the National Bravery Award. These children have shown immense courage and save lives without thinking of their own. Today, we are going to introduce you to Riyaz Ahmed who at the tender age of eight, saved the lives of others and lost both his hands and one foot in the process. In 2003, he was honoured with National Bravery Award.

Speaking to our mother brand, Dainikbhaskar.com, Riyaz told that he was born on 10 October in 1996 in Lucknow’s Telibagh. His father ekes out a living by selling eggs on a pushcart while his mother is a homemaker.

“We are a family of eight including six siblings and I am the second oldest,” he says.

Riyaz says that it was tough prioritising his education as his family is not financially sound. But he persevered. Riyaz, who had lost both his hands and a foot when he was rescuing a child from the train tracks, wrote his board exams using only his foot; he has finally made it to college.

“In 2003, I saw a girl passing through the railway track on Daliganj Crossing,” recalls Riyaz Ahmed.

“I told the girl’s father to remove his daughter from the railway track, but her father ignored me. Soon after, the train arrived on the railway track.”

“Seeing the train, the girl’s father ran towards the track to save his daughter, another boy also ran to help the girl. I, too, did the same.”

“But as we reached there, the train had come too close. I caught the girl and threw her away from the tracks and made sure to push the other two away too.”

“My foot was stuck in the tracks. But before I could think anything, the train had already passed over me. I had lost both my hands and one foot but I saved three lives that day.”

Riyaz says, “In 2010, the President of Mauritius honoured me with the Great Heroes Global Bravery Award. On January 26, 2003, I received the Sanjay Chopra National Bravery Award by the then President Dr. Abdul Kalam and on 24th January 2003, the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee conferred me the National Bravery Award in Delhi.”

Riyaz explains, “I am currently pursuing graduation from KKC. My father sells eggs on a pushcart which makes it difficult for us to make ends meet.”

“I wrote my exam with the only foot I have been left with and achieved first division in my board exams. Both my hands and one leg are artificial.”

“I want to study more but have neither the money nor any means to go from one place to another. I wish that the government could help me.”

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