Man Breaks Puppy’s Neck, Chokes Him To Death And Dumps Body On Footpath; He Then Got Out Of Jail…

Recently, media carried headlines of a puppy being raped and killed in Delhi’s Naraina. The year before, a video of two medical students throwing a dog from the roof was widely circulated. A security guard in Mumbai was caught on camera taking a dog in a washroom. On November 2, a 21-year-old engineering student from Vellore flung a month-old puppy from the roof, resulting in his death on the spot. The student named Vishesh Igneyar is studying mechanical engineering in a reputed college in Vellore.

It seems dogs are the easiest targets to inflict torture and get away with it.

Speaking to, Mehak said, “We nabbed him after going through CCTV footage. He is also seen dumping the body on a footpath. When we confronted him he said ‘me toh 15 hazzar deke nikal gya’. I am just 18 but I will do everything till he is behind bars for what he’s done.”

Another shameful case has come to light; this time, it’s Bengaluru. A man broke a puppy’s neck and left him to die in a basement.

Later, he dragged his body and dumped it on the sidewalk. Although, the man was arrested, he later got out by ‘bribing’ the police.

Mehak Walia said, “Kindly read the caption. This is Newton. He was 4 months old. Two gentlemen living in a PG near my hostel adopted him when he was around 2.5 months old. I’ve been playing with him everyday since.

At 3AM this morning, a man took him to the basement, choked him and broke his neck.

Later, he dragged his body and dumped it on the footpath. He was taken to jail, but only for a while. He “bribed” the police and got out jail for 15k (apparently).

He showed no remorse whatsoever. The owners are helpless and we need all the support we can get. If you know anyone who can help us fight against this barbaric activity, please DM me. Rest in peace, baby. I love you. @ Mathikere”

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