Man Invites A Woman For Dinner At His Home Then Eats Her Ears, Nose & Fingertips In Meal; ‘Too Much Blood’ Led To Her Miraculous Survival

With online dating sites catching up among the masses, several crimes have been on a rise too. Considering people rarely allot sufficient time to get to know the other person before setting up a blind date, the chances of crossing paths with a hidden criminal is all the more.

The same occurred in Russia recently where a 41-year-old single nurse crossed paths with a 45-year-old man on an online dating site. Although they had a brief time to develop their relationship, seemed like this simply wasn’t enough. The date that he arranged at his place turned gruesome after he began attacking her like a cannibal.

The culprit, Anatoly Yezhkov, invited the victim, Tamara to his hostel room. The two reportedly had a quite dinner and several drinks.

After he was convinced that Tamara was intoxicated enough, the 45-year-old man began attacking her.

He first beat the lady senseless before sinking his teeth into her flesh. He ripped off her ears, nose and fingertips with his bare teeth.

He proceeded to bite off chunks out of her spine as well. When he seemed to have enough, he even tried to strangle her.

But with the amount of blood on the woman’s body, he was unable to get a firm grip. This attack lasted for almost 4 hours.

It was Tamara’s loud screams that alerted the police, who then immediately informed the police and the girl was rescued.

By the time the authorities reached her, she was bloodied, suffering from a concussion, had a rib fracture and severe severe wounds all over her body.

Anatoly was immediately arrested, but later released on bail until the next court hearing. Tamara is now being treated in the hospital and the family members are seeking a stern punishment for the culprit.

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