Man Kicked Out Of His Village After Locals Caught Him ‘Raping A Pregnant Goat’. He Was Then Paraded Naked In Public

Anguished screams were heard from his room…

A man was caught raping a pregnant goat after what sounded like screams were heard from his home.

The locals forced open the door only to find the man having a sexual intercourse with the hapless animal.

The man named Shina Rambo has been reportedly detained by the police in Ugo, Nigeria. ,

But before all that, the locals made sure that he was meted out justice with a walk of shame. The man was forcibly taken out of the room. He was then paraded naked in public, along with the goat.

The public booed and jeered as Shina Rambo had the same goat tied around his neck.

The man was then detained and arrested. Rambo, who is said to be in his 20s, has been asked to leave the village.

After the poor animal was raped, it has brought a bad name to his family as well. They have also been reportedly asked to leave the village

Even the leader of the community that Ramboi belongs to has said that Rambo was a habitual offender.

It is being alleged that Rambo has done the same in other villages which also caused his ouster from other communities.

The community leader also says that in earlier instances he was let off because of the respect his father had in the village.

But before he leaves the village, Rambo will have to ‘make some sacrifice to appease the land.’

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