Meet The Billionaires Behind The Top 100 Brands Of 2017

Together they reap riches of more than $1.1 trillion, thanks to you and your favorite brands.

Laurene Powell Jobs (R), widow of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, is one of the wealthiest

Reach into your pocket. You’ll probably find a phone and car keys, maybe a bottle cap or receipt—things you don’t think about too often. Yet, at least one of those things has made the lucky entrepreneur who thought them up millions (if not billions) of dollars.

To help wrap your head around it, FORBES picked apart our 2017 World’s Billionaires list to find out just how many 10-figure fortunes are fueled by the top 100 brands. Yes, think Apple and Disney, but don’t forget about life’s smaller necessities: Red Bull, Netflix and Corona beer, among others. Seventy-five billionaires owe their fortunes to these beloved brands, regardless of whether they founded them.

Even more striking is their outsized wealth, proving the value of these brands. Together they sit on a $1.13 trillion throne with way more than their fair share of the billionaires’ total $7.67 trillion pot. Altogether the 75 represent 3.7% of all billionaires, but account for an impressive 14% of the total wealth.

So how did they reach these great heights? Interestingly, it wasn’t always the top companies that produced the top billionaires. Fast fashion retailer Zara is ranked 53rd among the top 100 brands but its founder Amancio Ortega has consistently ranked among the top five richest billionaires in the world in recent years. Another interesting twist involves Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple cofounder Steve jobs. While the revolutionary company is ranked No. 1 among brands, she now gets most her fortune from Disney, ranked lower at No. 8. Below, learn more about the world’s wealthiest by browsing the complete list of billionaires and net worths behind your favorite brands.

Apple (#1)

Laurene Powell Jobs, $20 billion

Google (#2)

Larry Page, $40.7 billion

Sergey Brin, $39.8 billion

Eric Schmidt, $11.1 billion

Andreas von Bechtolsheim, $4.5 billion

David Cheriton, $4.2 billion

Kavitark Ram Shriram, $2

Microsoft (#3)

Bill Gates, $86 billion

Steve Ballmer, $30 billion

Paul Allen, $19.9 billion

Charles Simonyi, $2 billion

Coca-Cola (#4)

Sol Daurella, $1.1 billion

Facebook (#5)

Mark Zuckerberg, $56 billion

Dustin Moskovitz, $10.7 billion

Toyota (#6)

Dan Friedkin, $3.6 billion

Disney (#8)

Laurene Powell Jobs, $20 billion

Samsung (#11)

Lee Kun-Hee, $15.1 billion

Jay Y. Lee, $6 billion

Hong Ra-Hee, $1.8 billion

Lee Boo-Jin, $1.6 billion

Lee Seo-Hyun, $1.5 billion

Amazon (#12)

Jeff Bezos, $72.8 billion

BMW (#14)

Stefan Quandt, $18.3 billion

Susanne Klatten, $20.4 billion

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