‘Some Men Want To Pay Me For My Private Photos’, World’s Hottest Military Woman Reveals How Her Life Changed After She Turned A Model

And some men have even proposed her for marriage just by seeing her pictures.

An ex-military woman who is now a full time model has revealed how men pay her money for private photoshoots and how some of them even propose her for marriage after seeing her photos. 29-year-old Shannon Ihrke from Minnesota became a social media sensation after her bikini pictures went viral on the internet. The beautiful blonde worked in the military for four years, since the age of 19 but has now quit the forces to pursue a career in modeling.

After her pictures went viral on the social media, Shannon amassed around 73,000 followers on Instagram.

She often shares with them her racy pictures in lingerie.

After her online fame, she also got some weird inquiries from men including those who were ready to pay her large sums for ‘private shoots’ and those who wanted to marry her just by seeing her picture.

Some men have even offered to fly her to places.

But Shannon says that she just laughs them off as she does modeling because she likes doing it and not for money or marriage proposals.

When she joined the military, she had to work very hard to prove herself because people thought she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rigorous regime.

The Instagram star constantly delights her fans by stripping off for racy photoshoots, and posting pictures in bikini and lingerie.

Shannon says that she loves getting her hair and makeup done.

However, she also feels that joining the military was the best decision of her life and it made her smarter, faster and stronger.

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