Model left ‘looking like the Joker’ after a devil dog mauled her face

A STUNNING model left “looking like the Joker” after a devil dog mauled her face has vowed to bounce back.

Suzel Mackintosh, 23, was attacked by a Staffordshire-pit bull cross on New Year’s Eve.

Suzel Mackintosh said she was left ‘looking like the joker’ after being mauled by a devil dog

Doctors gave her emergency surgery, but her injuries mean she is unable to lift her upper lip due to muscle damage.

Talking to the Daily Star, Suzel said: “I patted the dog and it just went for me. I fell back and I could feel my nose hanging off.”

The blonde beauty is originally from Perth, Australia but lives in London.

She was attacked as she visited pals back in the remote camping region of Pemberton arena, Australia.

She added: “I went to get something from the car and it jumped on my face. I did nothing to provoke it.”

Suzel says she is determined to live her modelling dream despite the scars

She revealed her nose was ‘hanging off’

The model says she has been targeted by online trolls

She originates in Perth, Australia, but lives in London

Suzel says she never had an apology from the dog owners

Now she is hoping to relaunched the career she feared had been snatched from her.

But she has also been targeted by cruel online trolls over her scars.

She said: “One guy wrote, ‘did you have to many d***s shoved in there on Friday night?’

Suzel has never received an apology from the dog owner, which she says “hurts more than the injuries”.

She spent a week in hospital and needed plastic surgery on her horrendous wounds.

Suzel posted many pics of her face to Facebook in the aftermath of the attack.

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