Mom Of Triplets Becomes Pregnant Again But When She Went For An Ultrasound, The Doctors Had A Surprise For Her

The first words that she uttered on seeing the ultrasound were ‘Oh No!’

Sarah Imbierowicz and her husband Bill were having a lot of trouble conceiving so they decided to turn to in vitro fertilisation (IVF). After three years Sarah finally gave birth to a boy. Doctors had implanted four embryos inside her but only one survived and the couple named him Will. The couple said that the doctors started with transferring two embryos inside her initially but she would miscarry every time. Then the doctors decided to transfer four embryos into her and baby Will was born. The couple then decided to give it another try and this time Sarah became pregnant with triplets- all boys. But the couple always wanted at least one girl. So they went for IVF again and Sarah became pregnant a third time. When she went along with her husband for an ultrasound, the couple as well as the doctors were shocked at what they saw..

Sarah was pregnant with triplets again- all three girls. Sarah says when the doctor looked at her ultrasound he had a completely dumbfounded look.

“What do you see?” he then asked. “I see two,” said she. “Look again” said the doctor.

“I see three” replied a surprised Sarah to which the doctor said, “I see three too.”

Doctors had implanted two embryos inside her that turned into three beautiful baby girls.

Sarah admits that though she always wanted a baby girl, she was a little too overwhelmed when the doctors told her about the triplets.

But she also knew that with the help she had, there was never going to be a baby not being held or not being played with. And the couple knew it would work out.

Now the family has 7 happy children. Isn’t this a miraculous story? What do you think about it?

Sarah says that she and her husband are excited to have everyone. The birth of the girls has been a bonus for them as it has balanced the house.

The girls were born in January 2014 and wee named Katie, Emmie and Meggie.

Their eldest son Will was born in 2008 and three years later the first set of triplet boys were born in 2011.

The triplets were 2-years old when the triplet daughters were born in 2014.

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