MONEYMAKER Woman makes £40k dating strangers and her boyfriend doesn’t mind

LOVE OR MONEY This woman has made over £40,000 dating strangers… and her boyfriend doesn’t mind

The 29-year-old charges strangers over £200 to have dinner with her

GETTING paid to go on lavish dates doesn’t sound bad.

And for 29-year-old Sheen Hunter, she’s earned over £40,000 by doing just that – despite having a boyfriend.

Sheen charges hundreds of pounds for a few hours of her company, and only allows slots of two hours

Charging over £200 for dinner with her and only allowing two hour slots means Sheen has been able to make a fortune.

She said: “I have earned around £40,000 in total as I have enjoyed over 100 dates and have been given expensive gifts such as fur coats, gold jewellery, clothes as well as all my travel expenses.

“I don’t tend to spend more than two hours with each man or woman and will charge up to $300 (£230) per date.”

Sheen has dated both men and women in the past and continues to do so now, and her boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind.

Sheen has been around the world on dates

Speaking about her boyfriend Michael, Sheen said: “He doesn’t mind that I go on dates with strangers as he knows I’m not looking for a new relationship.

“My boyfriend says, ‘I know your process. I’m alright with it as it’s basically just a job and way to make new friends. As long as you’re safe and keep it the way you have, I’ll support you.'”

Sheen – who is also an actress – is from Seattle in the US and first starting dating for money when she came across the website What’s Your Price around two years ago.

Since then she’s been to Mexico, Costa Rica and all over the US on dates, and has also received around £20,000 in gifts.

Sheen’s boyfriend is fine with her dating people for some extra cash

She added: “I love dating people for money, it’s so sociable and it pays the bills.

“It’s really fun and love enjoying new experiences, I have dated people from Saudi Arabia, England, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Russia.”

Sheen has never had sex with any of the people she’s dated and she states that she urges anyone who wants to make some extra money by going on dinner dates to do so.

Sheen recommends making cash from dates

Sheen’s dating arrangements wasn’t exactly a ‘sugar daddy’ scenario as it wasn’t as committed, but it followed a similar premise of exchanging money for dates and company.

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