Mother, 43, who locked her on-off boyfriend in her house then SMASHED a wine glass in his face

Mother, 43, who locked her on-off boyfriend in her house then SMASHED a wine glass in his face during an alcohol-fuelled rage is spared jail

Peter Cairns captured Melissa Connolly attacking him using his phone’s camera

She lunged at him and smashed a glass on his face after a row about television

When police came, Connolly claimed he’d been injured trying to attack her

She was given a suspended sentence after the assault in Barrow, Cumbria

Shocking footage shows a fleeing Mr Cairns shouting ‘help, I’ve been glassed’

But his attacker follows him into a nearby takeaway to continue berating him

In a shocking video played to the court, Mr Cairns is seen to plead with his former partner to let him leave the property before he is followed outside by Connolly who then lunges at him with the glass, narrowly missing his eye.

The mobile phone footage continued to show Mr Cairns escaping through the back garden and running into a nearby takeaway shouting: ‘Oh my god help, I’ve been glassed.’

But Connolly quickly joins him and continues to berate him before telling the officers who arrested her that it was Mr Cairns who had attacked her.

She attempted to shift the blame by saying he had thrown a punch at her and connected with the glass.

Mr Cairns, left, was attacked by Connolly, right, after they shared three bottles of wine and had a row about television

Her lies were quickly uncovered when Mr Cairns, who received several stitches for a 4cm laceration to the head, showed officers the footage.

Connolly received a 13-month jail sentence suspended for two years and a community order after pleading guilty at Preston Crown Court to an offence of wounding without intent.

A restraining order was also imposed, prohibiting Connolly from contacting Mr Cairns for five years.

Prosecutor, Kate Hammond, told the court: ‘The complainant Peter Cairns had been in an on-off relationship with the defendant for some time.

After Connolly smashed the wine glass against Mr Cairns’s head, she followed him to a nearby takeaway and continued to berate him

‘They lived at separate addresses but she lived in an address that he owned. On the 20th of October last year they were both in that property and they had been drinking.

‘They shared about three bottles of wine and she was intoxicated. He wanted to watch a TV programme but she was constantly interfering and he became annoyed and wanted to leave.

‘He switched his mobile phone onto video mode and started to record their interactions.’

The video shows the pair arguing before stepping out onto the back porch. Connolly has a glass of wine in her hand and her mobile phone in the other and is seen to lunge at Mr Cairns before smashing the glass over his head.

Ms Hammond continued: ‘The complainant went for help and ended up in a nearby take-away and whilst he was there she arrived and continue to shout abuse, claiming that he was assaulting her and tried to slap him on the head.

‘She was led away by one of the witnesses and returned to her address. Police attended and she was arrested. She told police: “I was telling him to stop it and he punched me whilst I was holding the wine glass. He punched a glass in my hand which hit him in the face.”

Mr Cairns was left shouting ‘help, I’ve been glassed’ and fled the scene to a takeaway after being attacked in Cumbria

‘The complainant attended hospital and was treated for a 4cm laceration and two superficial cuts which he required stitches for.

‘In a victim statement he has said he has difficulty speaking to people and has had a lot of sleepless nights about what happened and felt upset that someone he had cared for had done this to him.

‘He has now begun a relationship with a new woman and he has found it to affect how he is with her.’

Defending Connolly, Sharon Watson, said: ‘This was a serious and nasty offence and of course crosses the custody threshold. It is accepted that she was intoxicated and was carrying a wine glass.

He was left gushing with blood after the attack by Collins, who was spared jail at Preston Crown Court

‘The offence took place so quickly she was still holding her mobile phone. She wasn’t thinking about harming him in any way.

‘It wasn’t premeditated and it was one blow. The glass was not broken prior to the contact being made and she has shown her remorse and shame and expressed her regret. Her actions were completely out of character for her.

‘She has worked all her life and continued to do so. She is at a low risk of re-offending and this has had a massive effect on her.’

Passing sentence, Judge David Potter, said: ‘This incident has affected him and he was struggling to cope with the incident and the affect on his new relationship.

‘On the other side of the coin this relationship was described as volatile and the remorse you have shown and the steps you have taken, together with the fact you have led a blameless life throughout adulthood, allows me to suspend this sentence.’

Connolly will also complete 180 hours of unpaid work and 25 days rehabilitation activity requirement.


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