Mother set up her 16-year-old daughter to be raped by an obese stranger in a motel

‘I still remember the smell of him, the feeling of his stubble against my face’: Woman whose mother set her up to be raped by an obese stranger in a motel room at age 16 relives night of torment

Peta Butler was raped after mum plied her with drinks and organised whole thing
She was 16-years-old when her mother’s internet boyfriend raped her in a motel
The woman, now a mother herself, has recalled the torment she suffered in 2005
Her mum was jailed but man, known only as Thommo, still at large in Queensland

An evil mother plied her 16-year-old daughter with drinks so that her obese boyfriend could rape the teenager and the victim has now opened up on her horror.

Peta Butler was just 16 years old when she suffered the abuse in a motel room in Toowoomba, east of Brisbane, in 2005 – orchestrated by her own sick mum.

She says she was tricked by her mum after she took her away on ‘a girls trip’ on a Friday night.

But all along it was a plan for Therese’s internet boyfriend to have sex with Peta, who she described as ‘a younger version of herself’.

Peta says she can still remember the smell of her abuser, known only as Thommo, and feel his stubble more than a decade on.

Peta Butler was just 16 years old when she was raped in a Toowoomba motel room in 2005

After plying her with drinks Therese Butler left her daughter (pictured) to be raped by her boyfriend

Therese Butler was jailed in January but is due to be released in October after serving 12 months of her four year sentence

Police have now released a computer image of a suspect based on the description of Thommo

After plying her with drinks – four vodka cruisers and a bourbon mix – Therese Butler left her daughter alone in the hotel room.

Five minutes later Thommo arrived and opened the door.

But when Peta stood up to walk out of the bedroom, he blocked her getting out.

‘He raped me,’ she told Tracy Grimshaw on Monday night’s A Current Affair.

‘It only lasted for a couple of minutes. But while he was raping me I had my head turned to the side and eyes closed while crying.

‘I felt his face stubble against my face. I still remember feeling that and I still remember the smell of him.’

‘I felt his face stubble against my face. I still remember feeling that and I still remember the smell of him,’ Peta (pictured) said

Peta describes how her hands were held down and she could not move because the man was so big

Peta described how her hands were held down and she could not move because Thommo was ‘very big’ and was on top of her.

Her mother was just a few metres away outside the door.

‘I hoped she was going to come in and stop it,’ Peta, who is now 27, said. ‘She didn’t once try, she sat outside smoking.

‘She knew what was happening. She might as well have murdered me on that day. She took me to that place and premeditated the whole thing. That’s not a mother.’

Immediately after she was raped Peta walked out of the bedroom and was hugged by her mum telling her everything was going to be okay.

It was at that moment, Peta said she knew her mother was aware of what happened.

As if things could not get worse for the 16-year-old girl, Peta had to share the same motel room as her rapist and her mother that night.

They drove to the bus station the next morning all together in Thommo’s car which Peta recalls was completely silent.

The vile mother, now aged 47, was sent to prison in January for four years and suspended after 12 months.

It took Peta, now a mother herself, nearly 10 years to muster the courage to come forward to police after suffering depression and dropping out of school less than a week after her rape.

Her mother is due to be released in October after Peta reported the crime just two years ago.

Therese confessed during a 30-minute phonecall to her daughter which was recorded and handed to police.

During the call, Therese attempts to defend what she had done saying: ‘It was still rape but you were 16. I wouldn’t let him touch you under 16, no way.’

Peta said her mother just sat outside the bedroom smoking while she was raped

But while her mother is behind bars, Thommo has never been caught.

Police have renewed the appeal to catch the man responsible for raping Peta.

A new image of has been released as part of the appeal by Queensland Police into the rape.

In a statement, the force said: ‘The man is described as being in his mid-to-late 40s at the time, extremely obese, around 175 centimetres tall with a shaved head, stubble and distinctive bulging blue eyes.

‘He was wearing an expensive suit and drove a car with cream coloured leather seats.

‘He is known only as ‘Thommo’ and would now be aged in his 50s.

‘It is believed the man also used an email address similar to

‘Anyone who may recognise him, has knowledge of his movements or knows anything that may help identify him is urged to contact Policelink, Crime Stoppers or their local police station.

‘Police also believe it is likely the man has hurt other girls and women.

Peta previously said she feared for her and her family’s life after her mother and her new boyfriend threatened Peta as her mother was sentenced in court.

She told Daily Mail Australia: ‘He’s told me before he could have someone pulled in a heartbeat.

‘She was threatening to kill my father and myself,’ she said.

‘I’ve got to protect myself, my partner and my children.’

While she’s never been convinced of his alleged outlaw ties, Peta said she’s not willing to take any risks and planned to ask authorities for ‘massive protection’.


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