MP Youth Rapes 4-Year-Old And Then Crushes Her Head With A Stone. Gives The Most Absurd Reason For The Heinous Crime

‘Thok dia, thok dia,’ he kept saying

In Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district in Manawar, a 4-year-old girl was raped and murdered. The accused has been identified as the 18-year-old neighbour Karan, who took her 400 metres in a pit. He first raped her then crushed her head with a stone so that the body could not be identified. After his arrest, the accused Karan told police that he had lent Rs 500 to the child’s father but he was not giving it back and that’s why he killed the child. However, the little girl’s father has denied of ever taking any money from the accused.

On Friday, an 18-year-old kidnapped a 4-year-old girl and raped her in a pit 500 metres from her house.

Her body was discovered when few women of the area went near the forest.

About 100 metres away, they discovered a jeans and stones spattered with blood. A few feet away lay his slippers which was found to b that of a youth named Karan.

When the police searched for him, his relatives told them about his whereabouts.

On Friday, the family had guests over as an event was underway. The child was playing with her cousins when the accused Karan took her away on her cycle.

But soon, when the little girl did not return after 6:30 PM, the family started searching for her but till late night, there was no sign of her.

When a few women went near the forest, when they discovered a few stones red with blood and a jeans.

The child’s older sister revealed that she saw Karan taking the child away on his bicycle.

When Karan was finally found in the morning, he kept saying, “Thok dia, thok dia!”

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