Mum ‘obsessed with male sacrifice’ stabbed boyfriend during sex in clown make-up

A young mum ‘obsessed with murder and male sacrifice’ dressed as a clown and stabbed her teenage boyfriend five times after persuading him to cover his face with a pillow during sex, a court heard.

She allegedly told Kieran Bewick ‘trust me’ moments before plunging the 10-inch blade into his chest.

Zoe Adams, 19, admits intentionally causing grievous bodily harm – but insists Mr Bewick’s account has been ‘made up’. At Carlisle Crown Court, the 18-year-old victim gave a harrowing account of the events leading up to the attack at on July 29 last year in Wigton, Cumbria.

Lawyers watched a video-taped interview with Mr Bewick, who suffered five stab wounds, where he explained he spent the earlier part of the day shopping in Carlisle but later went to Adams’ home. The couple drank alcohol and she also smoked cannabis, said Mr Bewick. He drank so much he threw up, the court heard.

The young mum allegedly said ‘trust me’ moments before the attack

At about 8.30pm, he was in bed when Adams came upstairs with her face covered in clown makeup. She asked if it scared him, the court heard. The day before, they had exchanged messages about clowns, and he told her that a barefoot clown was his nightmare. He said her reply to that was: ‘A barefoot clown, the ultimate Kieran killer.’

Mr Berwick revealed he had received a text the month earlier, on June 9, saying that her sexual fantasy was a male tied up and used as a human sacrifice.

He told police he twice refused Adams’ request to tie him to the bed on June 29 before she asked him to put a pillow over his head, saying: ‘Cos it’s kinkier that way.’ Mr Berwick said he agreed as a compromise. When his phone went off, Adams grabbed it and put it beside the bed before asking: ‘Do you really love me? Do you really want me?’

He answered yes, after which Adams told him: ‘Put the pillow back over your face – trust me.’ ‘The next thing I knew she stabbed me twice,’ he said in the police interview. ‘It took me a few seconds to process what had gone on. I hadn’t realised what had happened.’

Mr Bewick suffered knife wounds on his arm, hand and leg, as well as his chest. He told the court Adams has previously shown him gruesome videos.

‘One she showed me [was] of three guys beating up a guy who was unconscious in a wood, with a baseball bat and caving his head in,’ he said. The victim added: ‘Where I found myself being repulsed, she was watching it with intent. But she’d be really into it.’ Defence barrister Dan Travers asked Mr Bewick about a book he had written titled Ascendence, a fantasy novel. He agreed it was dark and included murders and stabbings.

Mr Bewick said: ‘I wrote that in what I thought was a way that would make a good film.’ He confirmed having sex with Miss Adams a month or so before he was stabbed, but said after she told him clearly in messages that she did not want it to happen again.

Mr Bewick admitted to being angry at the time but he appreciated it was her decision. ‘I didn’t want to ruin the friendship,’ he said, telling the court that he eventually accepted her decision. The case continues.

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