We are Muslims but we all are not terrorist

World think all Muslims are terrorist and they don’t deserve to live in this world so everywhere peoples are targetting to Muslims.

Muslims are also the human being like other religious peoples, Muslims have also one heart, two eyes, two legs, two hands and one brain.

A terrorist is not the Arabic or Urdu word so any incident if happen in places and if Muslim behind that incident so you will call them terrorist.If one Muslim kill a person you called them terrorist but one nonmuslim kill the person you called them the murderer, why we also not called them terrorist?

Do you really know the meaning of terrorist?

I don’t think so people try to understand the meaning of terrorist, the real meaning of terrorist to those humans who try to kill innocent peoples and push them to live in fear.

We Muslims are accepting that fact , most of the attack in world behind few Muslims but you cant judge all Muslims on this behalf and you should also try to find the reason behind why they attack, why they become suicide bomber, nobody wants to die , they have also family , they are also human , they also love own parents, wife, son, and daughters, then whats the reason behind them to left this sweet family and become terrorist and forget the name of humanity and kill the humanity by guns, bomb and to become suicide bombs .

If you hate specific community then crime will increase more than ten times before by this community.That whats happening in the world, most of the countries now targeting Muslims, some countries are trying to ban Muslims entry in the country and even inside few countries government support army, helps Burma people to kill Muslims peoples like we can see in the new incident in Myanmar Burma.We all know that what happens in Myanmar Burma, their armies and Burma peoples toucher and kill Muslims like the animal.So why we are not called them the terrorist?To those who involve to killing Muslims in Myanmar Burma that’s also called the terrorist, and their government also support terrorist activity.

If you toucher peoples of the specific community, if you kill them, families, then human minds surely will be misguided and they move the track of bad activity and can attack you back.

In current Incident of vegas USA where one person of USA shoot by gun on lots of innocent people, and killed more than 60 peoples and injured more than 400 peoples but after this incident government or news media are trying to find which group of terror link by this gunman , indirectly way we can say doubt on Muslim terrorist activity but after investigation its found he was not linked to any terrorist group and he was called murdered or killer or physico but government of USA does not give the name of terrorist because this terrorist word only use for Muslims.

In London a few months ago some terrorist attack by any Islamic terrorist group and killed some peoples and lots of peoples were injured, it’s really shameful.

Muslims religion or Muslims holy book never say to kill any innocent peoples on the name of Islam or for self-benefit, we all are the son, daughter of God, so we all humans beings are sister and brother of each other.Few Muslims involve these shameful activities and never thought after this incident how to become more tuff life for Muslims, people will hate Muslims and even we all Muslims not involve this activity but the world will surely see us as the suspect.

Every action one day convert in reaction, that’s what happened in London peoples see Muslim as suspect, even assaulted on innocent Muslims woman, A Muslim woman’s hijab was pulled off allegedly by a man in a vicious assault in London.

That’s what I always mentioned these lines ” if you toucher or attack or hate or kill any specific community whatever they are Muslims or nonmuslims they will surely one day misguide and forget the word of humanity and will badly attack you back “ that’s what happens with these innocent Muslims woman in London.

In India we know about prime minister Modi and his government and we also know about his party politics policy like polarization, divide and rules game like British government “foot dalo our raj Kro”. Modi becomes prime minister of Indian by polarized politics. Before election Pm Modi BJP party was run the campaign of Hindu vs Muslim, Jai Shri ram vs Allah ho Akbar.His parties members did lots of hate speech on Muslims and trying to convince Hindu community we should be together then we can be strong and we can stop on Muslims beef eaten, we will build ram mandir and bjp party this campaign worked and Modi become prime minister of India. Since Modi become pm Modi of India , some small parties who called on self Hindutva and demand to make India as Hindu nation they thrashed on Muslim peoples , few Muslims people killed in the name of beef , few Muslim people crashed on the name of speak “Bharat Mata ki jay” and give the proof of nationality . After these, all incidents government never try to take action on these small parties.But peoples will give these name of murder but if same things happen by Muslim peoples then peoples called them terrorist.

So we should need to understand about these facts in every religion some of the good and bad peoples are there if bad peoples attack you for a specific community you cant blame all peoples belongs specific community.

Written By

Shahnawaz Hadi


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