Pictures Show What Happens Inside Oxford & Cambridge University Parties Where ‘Privileged Youngsters’ Indulge In Nudity & Drugs

When you are studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, everything has got to be special- including the fresher party popularly called bop. A former student at the Cambridge University, Elizabeth Day, revealed how the fresher parties at these universities are like and we are shocked- how ANYTHING can happen in these parties including people sniffing cocaine from each others’ genitals to women stripping down their underwear. It has been around 20 years since day first attended these parties and very less has changed since then.

From people throwing up in the most disgusting fashion to couples stripping off each others’ clothes- shocking things happen in these parties.

In one of the parties, security had to be called after all the students stripped down to their underwear.

Cheap booze, loud music, foam on the floor and some men peeing on the same floor- be ready to have sights like this.

Sometimes the students ahd to be taken to the hospital directly becuase they were so badly intoxicated.

Openly taking cocaine and other drugs and indulging in graphic acts of sex is very common.

The ex-student also revealed that the parties are paid out of the entertainment budget of the college.

Around 95% of the total budget goes on booze at these parties.

She also said that most of the students in these colleges came from wealthy families and they never had to struggle for anything.

It was okay for these students to be careless about things and as a result they felt like they had to have fun at any cost.

A girl dressed in racy lingerie on her way to a bop.

Scantily clothed students gathered for their freshers party.

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