He Raped Dead Bodies Of Girls After Killing 40 People; Two Of Them Were Less That 2-Year-Old

He himself was raped by two men

Recently a serial rapist slit his throat and killed himself at Bangalore Central Prison. Famously known as Psycho Shankar, he had raped more than 15 women.

Here is a list of some more psycho criminals that have tortured India in the past.


Caught in July 2015, a serial rapist had sexually abused around 40 girls and murdered them afterwards.

He then raped 32 out of those 40 dead bodies, all the victims were less than 14 years of age.

He was abused himself at the age of ten

As per reports, the accused was raped by two men when he was only 10 years old. Lured by candy and sweets, the men took him in a room and took off his clothes. He even accepted the fact that he took out his frustration of this incident on the victims he raped.

Even the police was shocked to hear his stories.

The police inspector who was handling the case, was disturbed emotionally by listening to the accused’s stories of how he rapes the little girls.

He said words cannot express the way he feels.

This is how he fueled his anger

He became addicted to whitener and fluid for getting high, he used to inhale the fumes. And once he was high he would get on with the crimes.

He used to target kids playing outside or going to the bathroom near their houses alone.

He used to lure them with chocolates and money, if the girl did not listen then he directly picked them up and kidnapped them.

The kids who said they would complain to their parents, he would kill right there.

In 2011 he even raped a 1-year-old and 2-year-old girl.

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