Rich Dad VS Poor Dad way of thinking

Poor dad says to child study hard and gets a good education, then you will get a good job and handsome salary.

Rich dad says to kid study hard, so you can buy the company or hire an organization.

Here I am going to talk about “Robert Kiyosaki”.He is the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.He is the businessman of America.He born April 8, 1947.

People think if you get a higher education, then you can become the richest person.Absolutely Nonsense, education is not the formula to become the richest person.

You can see around the world, most of richest person don’t have more education, they are a college drop out.So if you want to become a rich person, wash your mind and forget it about good marks and grades in the college can make you richest man.

Robert Kiyosaki keeps two fathers perspectives in Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

Are you now thinking two Dads?

Yes one his real father who born him and he was highly educated, he had done Ph.D. but he was not financially strong and second dad, who is the father of Robert’s best friend, he was 8th standard drop out but he was a self-made multimillionaire.

Both dads had worked hard in life.One dad always run behind money and the second dad was one of the richest people of Huawei, after his death, the family got billions of properties and second one father left debt behind the death.

Poor dad says “love for money is the root of all evils”.

Rich dad says “lack of money is the root of all evils”.

This is the cause rich people continuously become rich and poor people continuously become poor.

The middle-class family faces difficulties because we always learn how to earn money in the family, not in the school, because the study of money does not teach us in schools, only they develop the professional skills, but they don’t teach you financial skills.

There are lots of points which tells the perspective of rich dad and a poor dad.

Poor dad often says “We cant buy this”, but Rich dad says “How can I buy this, my mind starts working on it.”

Poor dad says “Where there is the question of money take a safe step”.Rich dad says “Have guts to face your fear.”

We all know there is a big power in money but the more power is in financial education.Money comes and go, but if you know how to make money then it means you rule over it and whenever you want you can increase money.

Robert Kiyosaki says in the first lesson “The rich don’t work for money”.

“If you wanted to be rich use your brain and learn how to make money.”

Every people the soul of one part is greedy and fear, which can buy and that is greed and fear.

Every day woke up at morning then go to work and spent the money which you have earned to work, and this habit continuously goes several of years.”Woke up at morning and got to the work and spent whole life in this same practice just because of greed and fear”.Even if we give them more money they spent money on the same pattern, that is called “Rat Race”.

If you will not control this behavior then you will only call “High Salaried Employee”.

Robert Kiyosaki Lesson number two, Why teach financial literacy?

If you keep your mind flexible and ready to face the lots of change in life then after up and down of life, you can even become rich.

If you think money can sort out your problem, then this kind of people thinking face more problems in future.

You will get the solution from mind and money can come from mind.if you don’t have the understanding to save money then you cant keep the money for longer.

We have seen lots of people who earn millions through the lottery and become rich but lacks the understanding to save money again they came back in poor life, where they start the journey to become rich.

Money goes back to your pocket cause of liability and money come inside your pocket cause of asset.

When poor people earn money then they invest all money in expenses, taxes, food, rent, clothes, entertainment or transportation.

Similarly in the middle class who earns money to the job they spent all money in expenses like taxes, mortgage, fixed expenses, food, entertainment, clothing and there are also some liabilities like mortgage, customized loans, credit card bills.

If we talk about the income of rich who generate the income to dividends, interest, rental income or royalties.
He makes assets and invests these all money in stocks, bonds, notes, real estate etc and that is the big reason rich people continuously become rich because they increase the source of income.

Poor people continuously become poor because they did not do such kind of things.

If you want to become rich then keep all these in minds.

It does not matter, how much you earn, the important thing is where you are investing or spent these all money.we always often work hard, we have learned how to work harder, but never learned how to earn more money by hard working.

One thing keeps in your mind “school is the place if preparing the workers and employee” not to prepare “Good Employer or entrepreneurs”.

If we talk about Lesson number three, Why middle class has the financial crisis?

Present debtor society have two important factors, having one big house that is an asset and the second one is of salary increase then expenditure should increase, one big house should buy but this kind of expenditure family always go into more debt and then after that facing worst situation for money.

Even on the job, people salary hike but that’s called “High-risk living” and in this kind of situation people don’t have an understanding of money.

If we talk about lesson number three “Mind your own business”.

People face more problems in life because the whole life they work for other and that’s the reason after the whole life of work they don’t have anything for self that’s why while working for other you should also focus on assets and buy it and always avoid liabilities which is after purchase price goes half.

For example, if you buy a new branded car, once this car comes out of the showroom cost just less25%. Then for you, if you keep expenses less, keep minimum liabilities and increase your assets.

Before the marriage, start a family, buy the house and then face lots of financial condition, firstly make the strong base of your job, it means to increase your income by your assets.

“I strongly agree with pay off your debts and start investing as soon as you can into things that can generate revenue”.

Real assets fall into several categories :




4.Mutual Funds

5.Income generate thing Real Estate


7.Royalties from intellectual property such as music, scripts patents

8.And anything else has value produces income and has a ready market


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