Saudi Billionaire’s ‘Pleasure Wife’ Reveals About Her Life Of Partying, Sex & Drugs In His Harem And His A-Crore-A-Day Lifestyle

Though he was around 20 years senior to her and several inches shorter, American model of the 80s Jill Dodd who served as one of his 12 ‘pleasure wives’ in the harem feels that he was an extraordinary lover. The 21-year-old Jill met Saudi billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi at a party in Cannes where he ended up writing ‘I love you’ on her arms in his own blood. The billionaire who already had two wives by then made an extraordinary offer to Jill- to become his pleasure wife and travel to his properties around the world with him. For her he acted like a default father- paying her tuition fee and financing her business.

It was obvious that the wives were not happy with Jill’s arrival and were unsurprisingly cold to her. But the lavish life at the harem didn’t last long for Jill.

Her relationship with the arms dealer ended in 1982 when she realised that she was losing her position in the harem to other newer and younger love interests of Adnan.

The billionaire had 12 homes around the world including one in Cannes, Madrid, London and Paris and one in Marbella where he hoisted his wild parties.

He owned 12 Limousines, 3 private jets and a yacht with bullet proof glass that he loaned for the James Bond Film.

Khashoggi pampered all his insecured wives at the harem and loaded them with diamonds and LAnvin dresses.

Jill admits to being spoilt by Khashoggi with extravagant jwellery, couture dresses to wear on every date and glamorous parties.

By 1982, she had a fair idea that her position in the harem was dwindling and that Khashoggi was also sleeping with other women.

By now Jill was worried about contacting AIDS. She left the harem in 1982 but continued to be in touch with Khashoggi over the phone.

Jills reveals that she and Khashoggi would go to lavish drug fuelled parties together. They would ahve cocaine and then lock themselves in a room for days where they would only make love and eat.

She believes that she was in love with him and he too was an extraordinary lover. However, after seven years she left him an the harem, founded popular surf brand Roxy, got married and had children.

Khashoggi died in June this year at the age of 81. After his death Jill published a book titled ‘Currency of Love’ in which she has given all details of her love affair with the multi-billionaire.

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