SCREAMS OF HORROR Man grabs girl, 6, and throws her 60ft off balcony before leaping himself

TERRIFYING footage shows a man grabbing a little girl at random and throwing her over a 60ft shopping centre balcony before leaping off himself.

Both the attacker and the child victim survived their falls at the mall in southern China

Incredibly, both the attacker and the six-year-old victim survived their falls at the mall in Foshan City, southern China.

In a second clip, harrowing screams can be heard from onlookers as the man is seen plunging at least three floors before landing on a ground floor table.

CCTV footage shows the six-year-old being grabbed by the suspect Li Qijun, 36, who quickly throws her over the glass railings.

She landed on the ground floor of the atrium and suffered injuries to her head and bottom.

The attacker then climbs over the railings and considers jumping while a crowd gathers around him.


After some hesitation, he leaps prompting blood-curdling screams from horrified shoppers.

He suffered several broken bones, local authorities said.

Both the little girl and Qijun are in a stable condition in hospital.

The girl’s mother said her daughter disappeared after heading to the loos by herself.

Authorities say the child was grabbed, seemingly at random, by the suspect, who later admitted to being under “heavy financial pressure”.

Police are investigating the disturbing incident.

The man watches the little girl falling before leaping off himself in front of shoppers in southern China

Another clip shows the man plunging from the upper floor balcony at the mall

Both the little girl and the attaker survived their falls and are both in a stable condition

The man suffered several broken bones. He told cops he was suffering from ‘financial difficulties’ when he carried out the random attack

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