Secret lives of sex workers who are tortured by men and face being sold

Charging £10 a time and risking meeting violent or abusive men – this is the life of a prostitute in Grimsby.

Women working on the streets of the town have revealed they have been raped and tortured, and one said she escaped before she could be sold.

Two women aged 35 and 40, who have been given the pseudonyms Alice and Brenda, have spoken out about their experiences as a prostitute.

Both women have been heroin addicts for about eight years and sell their bodies to pay for the habit, they told Grimsby Live.

Brenda said: ‘I try to get about £100 a night, but I also need to make enough money to cover the habit of the people who I am staying with and sometime

‘But I don’t do it all by being out here, sometimes if I need to I will do other things like shoplifting and stealing.’ Making that much money would involve seeing three or four men every night.

Brenda starts charging at £10 for ‘some things’ and goes up to £40 or more, while Alice asks for between £20 and £40.

Alice added: ‘There are girls that I know that will charge £10 or £15 for everything.’ And the women are highly aware of the dangers associated with the job.

One of the women interviewed said she was almost sold by a man (Picture: BPM)

Alice said: ‘A man once took me to smoke crack cocaine at his house, and when we got there I did my thing with him, and then he tied me up for four and a half hours and started torturing me.

‘Another time I had to jump from a moving car because a man said that he was going to sell me to someone, I just got so scared that I jumped out while he was driving down the motorway.’ Brenda added: ‘The worst one was this businessman that picked me up and started strangling me and trying to get me to do things while I was being choked.

‘I do hear though about problems with other girls, one was recently left naked up at the Europarc in the middle of that bad snow by a group of men, she was lucky she didn’t die.’

Brenda has only been working as a prostitute since September of last year – her life changed when her boyfriend was jailed for selling heroin.

She said: ‘When he got sent away for selling it I lost everything, my house, my kids. Everything has been taken away from me.’ The women working the streets do not know who they will meet when cars pull up alongside them at night. Some clients are ‘sweet’ and might take them out for dinner, while others could abandon them or try to harm them in some way.

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