Shocking Story Of Rapist & Serial Killer Who Took Over 100 Women On Date, Murdered Them & Kept Their Pictures At His Mom’s Home

When investigating officers found pictures of more than 100 women from the house of Rodney Alcala while investigating the death of a 12-year-old girl who was found talking to Alcala last, they knew something was definitely not right with the man. He was sentenced to death twice but every time he would successfully appeal the ruling. Finally in 2010 he received death penalty for murdering 7 young women (though officers said that the number exceeded that). The police later released all the photos of the women that they had found at his home hoping that they would be identified or at least confirmed missing.

Only 30 women confirmed that they knew him personally. They were either former classmates, girlfriends or co-workers.

But less than 10 claimed to be strangers and had no idea when Rodney took their photos.

Alcala was a typewriter. He convinced women that he was a fashion photographer and got them to pose for him.

Most of the pictures of the women were pornographic and it is believed that he killed all the women.

None of the women in these photos have been identified till date and the case still remains open.

The police suspected him after the friends of the 12-year-old who went missing said that a creepy man had asked to take their pictures.

On the basis of the kids’ description the police drew a sketch of Rodney and he was arrested.

They found hundreds of pictures of women from his home and also the missing girl’s earrings.

Despite all the sexual charges against him, he managed to get all his convictions nullified.

But with the development of the DNA technology, his samples were collected and it matched to some of the women he had raped and murdered.

In 2010 he was sentenced to death for 5 murder cases.

However, the police believes that there are more cases that still remain unknown.

Besides, the police also belivieved that he was behind the murder of two teenage girls in Seattle but they didn’t have enough evidence to prove it.

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