Student threatened to chop off lecturer’s penis and stick it up his bum after wrongly thinking he was mocking her

A STUDENT at a top university threatened to chop her lecturer’s penis off and shove it up his bum.

Stephanie Christol, 30, believed her professor was poking fun at her lack of sexual experience.
Film student Stephanie Christol, 30, bombarded lecturer with threatening emails and letters after wrongly thinking he had poked fun at her lack of sexual experience

Dr Christopher Dillon sent her a reading list which included an article featuring a cartoon called The Virgin Snail.

Christol, writing a film dissertation at King’s College London, believed the cartoon was purposely directed at her.

She wrote an email to Dr Dillon at the uni’s Stand Campus threatening to cut off his todger.

Christol also sent a series of emails and Facebook messages calling his partner “a dog” and ‘ugly as f***”.

Christol on the set of Grantchester with James Norton and Robson Green

Hendon Magistrates Court heard Dr Dillon, who has written books on the First and Second World Wars, was approached to help Christol’s essay.

But he was bombarded with dozens of threatening messages after he sent her the suggested reading list.

He said: “Between April to 25 September there were dozens of emails.

“Two of the messages said: ‘I am going to get you’ and, ‘I am going to find a way to make you apologise'”.

Christol was found guilty of one count of harassment

Dr Dillon went to the police in September 2016 and cops issued Christol with a harassment warning.

But she stepped up her abuse with more letters and a framed picture showing a gagged woman.

Many of the letters told of Christol’s feelings about her traumatic upbringing and a sense of alienation from her parents.

But she told the court that she now wants the letters back — so that she can write a book.

Christol outside court. She sent threatening emails after beleiving she was being taunted over her lack sexual experience

Christol told the court: “They sent me articles and one of them I reacted badly to. It was at the end of a stage of articles which had been sent.

“I was first angry because I thought he was laughing at me for being sexually inexperienced. I was a paranoid about it and I was trying to deal with my paranoia.

“The letters were an explanation of my traumatic parental background. I write a lot to my relatives.”

She added: “I want to be a screen writer. I would like those letters which the prosecution has back, so I can send them to my relatives.

“I wanted to use that letter for writing a book and I want that letter back.”

Christol, of Islington in North London, was found guilty on one count of harassment without violence.

She will be sentenced at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 11 April.

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