The evil stepmother tied hands of her husband’s child and tortured like the Middle Ages: “You die after your mother”

The stepmother lost all humanity. She tied hands of her husband’s child back and then tortured, beat till bruise and bloody.

Recently, a video was circulated on social networking sites recorded a girl about (5 or 6 years old) whose hands were tied behind back by her stepmother and was tortured, brutally beaten. This action caused a wave of wrath in the online community.

The girl was tied her hands. There are so many bruises on her body.

According to some people, the abused girl is husband’s daughter, who is also often absent from home and does not seem to care about how his daughter was brutally beaten by his new wife, then let this painful affair happens.

When the daughter does not listen, her stepmother has “on fire” and took off the daughter’s pant and tied her hands back with rope. Then she continuously beated the girl, make her body have bruise, bleeding, her face was also bruised and swollen by the slap.

Using feet to step on the girl’s belly

The torture was so cruel but the child did not drop a tear, enough to understand how much he was beaten to become so stubborn.

Face does not drop a tear make every feel so regret.

Small legs have so many bruises, perhaps this is the sequelae of countless whips

Watch this clip no one thought this could be an act to treat a child, really too cruel. The clip has received indignant from the community. Such acts of inhumanity really need the law to solve. In the face of increasing violence, there is a need for community voices to protect children and give them the fullest possible sense of childhood.

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