How to unblock website URL on facebook?Here is the solution!

Facebook blocked website link and removed all posts to Business Page.

There are lots of website URL now blocking on facebook due to facebook automate system.

When website URL block on Facebook, it shows warning message “we believe the link you are trying to visit is malicious.For your safety, we have blocked”.

Question is why these things happen? Even your content is good, your website never shows inappropriate content then why facebook blocked your website URL.

There are lots of reason why Facebook is blocking website URL.Maybe facebook automate system something has the problem, so after sharing lots of your website posts on Facebook, it considers spam.Even you are not doing this.If your business page has more follower then obviously if your content is eye-catching, they will share it.But after more sharing sometimes facebook automate system consider your business as a spammer and Facebook not only block your website link, it also hides all your posts (Note: Facebook Never permanently remove posts on business pages, they online hide Posts.)to your page.You and your followers cant see it.So this is very frustrating if you have thousands of posts on the facebook page and it removes.

But don’t worry about that, I have already faced this situation so I am giving you here solution how to unblock website link on Facebook.

Go to below URL and write one humble application and tell your problem, and request to quickly take action on this, you are losing lots of revenue.

At least in a day write more than four application and request humbly, you will get your website link unblock within three days.I know you will lose revenue in these three days .but maybe they unblock early.

If you have any question regarding this or still the same problem facing, please leave a comment below with website URL.

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