Why most of the companies want Hitler kind of managers and team leader?

Most companies CEO believe if they hire Hitler kind of managers and team leaders, then the employee will work hard and generate the revenue to company more than capability due to fear.

Companies promoting team lead or managers to those who can do better buttering and act like a spy in the office and any kind of information they inform to the company. There is no any managerial/management skills required for managers and team leaders post.

Let’s talk about buttering kind of skills person, they don’t have more knowledge but attitude like a bad boss.

The problem with this kind of team leader/manager ,if team ask about any query related work they are not able to resolve it but they cant say I don’t know how to resolve it, so instead sort out the problem they start to dominate to employee and scold , you don’t know this kind of little issue how to resolve it.

The employee gets fear and gets back to the seat with disappear.

Hitler kind of team leaders/manager don’t have the capability for requirement gathering, they cant understand the actual requirement of the client, so they put own assumption in the project like client wants to build Tajmahal but they will divide the work in team member to build the white house.

Once the module complete to show the client, they shocked and irritate and just use three-word “What the fuck” and scold to team leader/managers and give the warning.Once client discussion over they call to the team who works on the project and scold one by one and say if you guys don’t understand what to built then why you don’t ask me.

Team member revert, sir according to your assumptions we built the module, suddenly Blood pressure of team leaders/manager get high and say to all just get lost.

After 10 minutes he writes the mail and put the email of CEO in cc and ask to team,do the task according to the requirement of the client don’t put your assumption and mind in the project. If you guys cant understand the exact requirement just come to me ask to me I will tell you the solution, the client is now very angry due to you guys if you guys will work like this then client will take back the project and demand for the refund the money.
When the owner of the company got the mail, he very happy and call to lead and say oh great you manage the angry client very well.

Actual things never reach to CEO of the company, so next time definitely client will take back the project and ask to refund the money because team leader/manager never understand the exact requirement of the project and after the warning of client they repeat the same things put own assumption in the project.

So finally company goes in the loss and all fault goes to the team who involve in the project expect team leaders/managers.

There are some employees in the team who go against the team lead/managers but management never listen to them and obviously when you go against Hitler team leader/managers, they will ask the CEO to fire you from the company.

Good employees always leave the company because of bad team leaders/managers but companies don’t care because they think if one will leave the company 100 will come for the interview and we will select in one to them.

There are lots of companies in the market, shutdown or going in big loss or old client gone due to bad managers and team leaders but the CEO of the company never try to open the eyes and blindly trust to them.

Dear CEO buttering can make you happy but when due to this buttering you will no be longer to CEO of the company.

Companies should avoid to hire the Hitler and dominating kind of team leaders and managers.

Hitler managers/team leaders are very dangerous for the company they will always give you loss.

Always remember when you hire a person for the post of a team leader he should have very strong core field/technical knowledge, so they can easily sort out the problem of the team and obviously, nature should be friendly so the team will give better output.

Managers should hire on the basis of strong managerial skills and they know how to manage the team, clients and how to resolve the problems between the team members.

Written By Shahnawaz Hadi

Profession:Software Engineer

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