Woman, 29, given permission to cheat by boyfriend claims relationship is now BETTER

‘Jade’ reveals that she’s in a unique position because her partner has given her permission to have sex with other men because he can no longer satisfy her urges

Woman whose partner gives her permission to cheat claims the affairs have made her relationship BETTER – and only sleeps with married men as they don’t expect commitment

A woman in an eight-year relationship has revealed how her partner, 50, gave her permission to cheat four years ago after his medical problems ended their sex life.

Londoner ‘Jade’, 29, – whose identity has been protected – exclusively explained to FEMAIL that she uses her freedom to have affairs with married men only, as she believes they have a better understanding of her situation than singletons, and neither party expects any form of commitment.

She even boldly claims it has made her own relationship better because there is less pressure on intimacy.

The assistant manager from London, is an avid user of notorious dating site Ashley Madison, which is marketed towards people who are married or in relationships.

Jade understands that others may not think it is acceptable to have extra-marital affairs, but she defended her illicit encounters, insisting: ‘I have only ever seen positives from it.’

Ashley Madison has more than 56 million members worldwide, and many of them, Jade believes, are on there in an attempt to save their marriages rather than ruin them.

She acknowledges that she’s in an extremely unique and ‘lucky’ situation to have permission from her partner to sleep with other men, but the majority of male users on the site that she has had contact with are on there secretly.

‘They are on there because they genuinely don’t want to ruin their marriage,’ she explained. ‘I think they aren’t doing it for the right reasons.’

She added: ‘The guy I’ve been having an affair with for the past six months has even said that his marriage has improved because he is not feeling that resentment towards [his wife] for not having a sex life. ‘

Jade, was 21 when she met her other half, a retired civil servant, and lost her virginity to him. She had never been with another man until she began her first affair.

Since joining the site a year ago, Jade has enjoyed multiple dates, as well as a three-month relationship with one married man, and is currently in a six-month relationship with another.

The 29-year-old believes having extra-marital affairs can help a relationship especially if two people are no longer sexually compatible

Jade says of her critics – and more likely some scorned wives – that she doesn’t think she is doing anything wrong other than helping.

‘If they’re lucky enough that they have met somebody who they’re with and they’re fully sexually compatible with then good for them.

‘But that’s not how life works out all the time, everybody is different and if this is what it takes to make someone happy and to make a couple happy, what exactly is wrong with it?’

Although arrangements made through the site are thought to be kept strictly about sex, Jade, who doesn’t live with her partner, confesses lines can get blurred as feelings develop.

But she claims they never turn romantic.

‘It’s hard to explain the emotion behind it, you do develop an affection for somebody. But there is no romantic feeling in a way.

‘You know another person is not interested in you in that way and they go home to their partner and they’re happy at the end of it.

‘A lot of affection builds up. It’s hard to have a sexual relationship with someone if you don’t care about how they’re feeling as well.’

Jade claims that the married man she is currently having an affair with is happier to go home to his wife knowing that he doesn’t have to worry about sex

Jade explained how the men she’s had affairs with have also provided her with emotional support about dealing with her own relationship problems.

But with thoughts of a future including marriage and children as she approaches her thirties Jade admits she isn’t sure whether a sexless relationship will stand the test of time.

‘It’s something we have been discussing more recently – when we were both younger it wasn’t noticeable.

‘But I think I am moving into that stage of life, and he’s sort of done with his life.

‘I am getting to my thirties, and starting to think about getting married and settling down which he isn’t interested in doing…

‘We have thought about whether there will be a point in the future where we will go our separate ways… But we’re both really happy at the moment so it’s hard to think like that now.’

For now Jade is content with balancing the two sides of her love-life, going on dates with the men she meets online and having sex, while still being able to enjoy the romantic aspect with her boyfriend.

And she says for those considering an extra-marital affair it all comes down to the individual.

‘It comes down to different people and there would people that benefit from it, and there would be people who would struggle with it.

‘People do have different sex drives and fetishes and different likes and dislikes, and if you conceal that side of yourself from somebody else to keep your relationship happy then I think [Ashley Madison] is a really good idea.’

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