Woman can’t sit down because her bum implants are too big

Woman whose £15,000 bum implants are so big she feared they would EXPLODE reveals she’s having therapy for post-traumatic stress caused by the op

Star Delguidice, 28, from Birmingham, flew to Turkey to get her bum implants
She had implants that were double the recommended size in the procedure
Star had fat drained from thighs, arms and stomach and transferred to bottom
She has spent £230,000 on cosmetic procedures since she was just 18

A woman who feared her enormous £15,000 bum implants would explode has revealed she is seeking therapy over the anxiety they have caused her.

Star Delguidice, 28, from Birmingham, flew to Turkey in December to get implants that were double the recommended size, in a seven-hour procedure.

They are so big that Star was forced to stand throughout an appearance on This Morning on Friday, because it is too painful for her to sit down for long periods.

Star, who first had surgery at 18 and has spent £230,000 in total on altering her face and figure, told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that she ‘didn’t realise’ how large the implants – which she has been told could take up to two years to settle down – would become.

‘I really didn’t realise what it would be like. It has caused me great anxiety,’ she said on the show.

‘I am having therapy, because I have post traumatic stress through the surgery.’

Despite the after-effects of her decision, Star said she still needed her ‘boobs redoing and my face tightening’.

Star Delguidice, 28, from Birmingham, has said that her enormous bum implants make it difficult for her to sit down

She appeared on This Morning where she had to do the interview standing because they were uncomfortable

Star (pictured shortly after having surgery) said she can feel the implants moving, and has had panic attacks as she’s scared they’ll explode

Among her many procedures, Star has splashed out £24,000 on jaw and forehead contouring and £15,000 on new veneers.

At first she told the presenters that she didn’t want any more surgery because she was scared of how addicted she has become to the procedures, but then added that she still wanted to make some tweaks.

Asked by Ruth if she would stop, Star said: ‘Well I can’t say that… I need my boobs redoing and my face tightening.’

She also confused the hosts further by admitting: ‘I’m always changing, I don’t stay in the same look.’

Star explained how she had to gain three stone before the procedure, which involved having fat drained from her thighs, arms and stomach and transferred to her derriere.

However, since the surgery she has struggled to adjust to her new derriere, which has caused her to have panic attacks as she’s scared they’ll explode.

She said that her because her bum implants sit under the muscle they can take up to two years to fully settle but Star wants them out sooner.

Star (pictured before getting the bum transplants) says she’d hoped to get the perfect derriere, but has been left unhappy with the results

Star has spent £230,000 on cosmetic procedures in total since she was just 18, and has even had her lip fillers dissolved

The plastic surgery fanatic got implants that were double the recommended size in a seven-hour operation

The Kim Kardashian fan said previously: ‘I’ve spent a lot of money since the surgery in December getting scans to ensure the implants are OK.

‘I can feel them moving and I’ve only just been able to sit down and even that still feels strange.’

Star said she liked the way her bottom looked in photographs, but said the implants are ‘just not practical’.

‘I went to Istanbul naive about the aftermath of the surgery, I was in agony when I woke up and I haven’t felt my normal self for weeks now,’ she said.

‘I’ve had surgery all my life but this one was by the far the biggest surgery to date.

‘I had around 650cc [cubic centimetre] implants which is double the size people normally have at first.’

Star has spent over £230,000 in total on her new body but after four boob jobs, three designer vaginas, five liposuction procedures, four nose jobs, as well as jaw and cheek surgery.

She has also had Botox, lip and cheek fillers, an eyebrow lift, nipple reduction surgery, as well as various eyelash and facial laser resurfacing treatments.

Star claimed in the past she was done with more surgery but during her ITV appearance, she wasn’t so sure.

‘I will continue with my Botox and fillers to maintain my looks but I won’t be having anymore silicone.

‘I’ve been working on perfecting myself for years but now I have real curves in all the right places I don’t need to go overboard with lip fillers to look extreme.’


4x Breast implants – £16,000

3x Designer vagina ops – £12,700

5x Liposuction – £10,000

4x Nose jobs – £16,200

Lip and cheek fillers and Botox – £30,000 per year

Jaw and forehead contouring – £23,775

Eye brow lift – £3,500

PDO Therapy – £2,000 a year

Lip lift with threads – £1,000

Blepharoplasty (removes droopy eyelids) £6,000

Nipple reduction – £2,000

Eyelash treatments – £1,000

Facials (including carbon black facials, micro dermal facials and vampire facials) – £150 a month

Facial laser resurfacing – £3,000

Bum implants and full body fat transfer – £15,000

Veneers – £15,000

TOTAL: £230,000

She spent £15,000 on huge bum implants but now says she wants them removed because they’re ‘too big’

Star said that she likes the way that her new bottom looks in photographs, but says the implants are ‘impractical’

Despite not liking her new bum, Star – who has funded her surgery thanks to her property portfolio – has noticed it has already got positive attention from strangers.

She said: ‘I was shopping in Ikea the other day when a woman had to physically turn her husband’s head so he’d stop staring at me.

‘I do like the attention is brings as it’s massive but I just don’t know if they’re for me.

‘I can’t see how I’ll ever get used to them so I’m currently speaking to other surgeons based in the UK as I might get them taken out.

‘I’ve been through a painful few weeks and I’d warn anyone who’s thinking about getting it done to think about the consequences.’

She said that she has only just managed to sit down properly but not for a prolonged amount of time saying it still feels ‘strange’

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